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Womb Rage

Have you ever been told – ‘Don’t be too emotional!’ ?
The essence of womanhood lies in the reality that she encapsulates plentiful emotions. 
We “the ladies” experience uncertainties in our sentiments. At one time we are rejoicing in glee, the very next moment we are humming the melancholic songs. One time we are grooving to a tune and other times, we are screaming at the peak of our voice

Yonis and Throats

The arrival and departure ends of energy flow in women’s bodies are yonis and throats. These are referred to as the two gateways to a woman’s emotions. So, let’s begin our session by answering a few questions.
Have you ever thought about your desires, your fantasies, your needs, and your wants, while making love? 


Do you use Jade Eggs?

 When I first heard of Jade Eggs, I didn’t expect too much. In my mind, there was no chance they would be helpful to me. But, I am happy to say that I was wrong. Before I had started using Jade Eggs, I would rarely feel focused and confident in my body. However, after only a couple of weeks of using one, I could feel a significant positive difference.