Feminine Virtues to Release Control in times of Uncertainty

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What do you do when you feel indecisive, insecure, under confident, doubtful or perhaps some other kind of fear!
Well I used to shut myself down!

This interesting question was sent to me by one of the sisters in the Exploring Femininity Sisterhood Online Community and I want to share my personal process that I use to calm myself down when I go through moments of uncertainty.

If not anything else, my journey of exploring femininity over the last several years has taught me one thing for sure –

My body is my home! 

When I feel indecisive, insecure, under confident, doubtful or any other kind of fear, my body shuts down. It begins to feel dense and stiff. Unfortunately, many of us women have been living with this dense and stiff energy forever, which in turn blocks our intuition and emotional healing.

So here’s my quick tip on 3 Feminine Virtues to release control in times of uncertainty! I call them my 3 Cs.

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 1. Connection

Today’s world is a crowded place yet most of us feel a lack of connection.

Our feminine longs for physical, emotional and spiritual connection.

 But usually this deep sense of disconnection crawls up within us when we are not connected to our self and our truth in a deeper way. When you have moments of uncertain or uncomfortable emotions, your feminine is actually craving for your attention to deepen your connection with yourself and with your divine. My go to practice is to indulge in some feminine rituals. I usually like to journal or do some ecstatic movements during these times.

2. Cry

Yes, I know our society generally considers feminine to be weak, let alone crying. Crying in general is associated with the female gender and we women have to at times put up an act when we are feeling teary in order not to be ridiculed at. I certainly did that. We cry when the emotions running in the situation is overwhelming for us. Sometimes the situation just requires you to give yourself that release just because you’re tired. You are tired of carrying the weight of your emotions and you want to feel open heartedness. So, cry your heart out.

Crying is a great way to release emotional baggage and listen to your inner wisdom.

3. Compassion

I know you will say that you know this! But do you actually practice this?

Compassion is a big virtue of the feminine. 

I had a profound experience in one of the sacred feminine rituals that how un-compassionate I was to people who have hurt me emotionally in the past. The realization in my entire body was so strong that I had fainted losing consciousness for few minutes. I realized that had a lot of compassion for myself but not for the people who crossed my boundaries. It was a big learning curve for me. Next time, you are in moments of insecurity, doubt, hurt or indecisiveness, practice compassion for yourself and the people involved in the situation; because in the end every one just like you are doing the best they can. You will also begin to notice how the situation around you changes without you putting more effort in to it. The energy of compassion is very powerful.

In moments of uncertainty we tend to naturally become controlling of the situation. Next time, allow yourself to take a step back and implement any of the above feminine virtues and see for yourself how the situation unfolds.

Now I would love to hear from you.

How do you deal with uncertain or uncomfortable emotions?
Did any of the ‘3Cs’ resonate with you?

Share with me in the comments below. I love reading and responding to your comments.

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