One Sensual Way to Start ‘being’ There for Yourself!

Sacred Feminine

Just pause and answer this – ‘Are you there for your loved ones?’

I always get an easy ‘yes’ for this question.

Now let me ask you this – ‘Are you there for yourself?’

I don’t always get an easy ‘yes’ for this question. To be honest, most of the times I don’t get a ‘yes’.

We seem to do it easily and naturally for others but what does it mean to start ‘being’ there for yourself.

Most of us would say that they are really good in supporting their friends and family but why are we so bad at being there for our self!

Being an empath, I was extremely good at being there for my friends and family too. But I soon began to realize that there is a saturation point to this gift that I had. I was slowly beginning to get stressed, overwhelmed, burnt-out, annoyed and resentful.

It was walking through those dark night of the soul moments I received the understanding that in order to continue to be there for my loved ones I need to truly learn how to be there for myself!

For me being there for myself was not an awareness 5 years ago when I was caught up in the rat race of work and busy life. But now, it is a way of my lifestyle and a profound choice that I am making every single day.

For me being there for myself means to experience myself fully – to grow, to express, to live, to love, to be kind, caring and compassionate to myself – many of which us modern day busy women do not tend to give much importance to unfortunately.

For me being there for myself also means to hear the needs of my body, feeling my emotions and listening to those gentle feminine whispers from my soul.

Being there for yourself without any judgement, criticism and ideas of perfection is like bringing yourself home to your soul, desires and your mystical wisdom.

So I wanted to share with you one sensual way to start ‘being’ there for yourself every single day’ and it will cost nothing but 5 mins of your time and intention throughout the day!

Watch the video below –

A Sensual Exercise For You


My invitation to you is to schedule 5 mins a day in your phone as a reminder for you to do ‘nothing’. Yes absolutely nothing!

When this reminder rings on your phone, take yourself to a quiet place and just stay with yourself in total silence.

Do a quick check-in of all of your senses –

How are your eyes feeling?

Imagine something that you would like to taste (may be you are dehydrated – this is a common problem with us busy women) Smell the air around.

Notice the sounds around or just the sound of silence.

Feel yourself by holding yourself as if you are giving one big hug to yourself.

As you are awakening your 5 senses, drop in to the sensations of your body and give yourself a quick rub or a massage to the part of the body that is asking for your attention.

And lastly, remember to say some positive affirmations like –
I am enough, I am doing the best I can, I trust in the divine, I am open to receiving support, I believe in miracles.

This 5 mins of being there for yourself awakening your senses and proclaiming your self-worth every day in a busy day can really fill you up with a lot of energy to go back to your daily chores with ease and grace.

As the famous saying goes – ‘You can’t serve from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first’.



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