Women are rising up to their primary essence – their feminine.

Here’s what some of the women exploring their femininity with me have to say – 

“Jonita is amazing. She has truly helped me to find myself as I have been longing for a deeper understanding of what my feminine self is and how it is to be a woman. I have been looking for some place where I can learn about my feminine side and I can’t say enough I found the Exploring Femininity Challenge deeply touching and I am finding myself in it! I have much more clarity about myself than ever before.Thank you Jonita. Please continue your feminine work!! ” 
~ Maria Livet, Norway 

“Connecting with my feminine has helped me to slow down and really focus on what I really want in life. I am doing more of what I like and I am becoming good in saying ‘no’ to people and things that don’t serve me. I was working a lot and juggling between my social life and work and felt exhausted in the monotonous life. Deepening my feminine connection with Jonita’s guidance allowed me to learn how to manage my energy and listen to my body. I am still learning (as Jonita says it’s a lifelong practice). The good thing is that Jonita’s work is simple and powerful so it does not add up to another ‘thing to-do’ in my day.”
~ Linda Johnson, England

“Sometimes all we need is to have someone hold space for us so that we can hear our hearts speak, as we are so stuck in our heads. This  is exactly what Jonita does, and does so very lovingly. Being seen, being fully heard and being fully accepted is all we ever want in any relationship including with ourselves. This is what Jonita does so wonderfully. Yep, it’s life-changing, yep it’s much-needed, yep she’s lovely too. I wholeheartedly recommend her. She helped me to really listen to my heart speak, well whisper and I feel so much better already.”
~ Carrie Eddins, UK

“Exploring my femininity has brought so much love, gratefulness and happiness in my heart. I am extremely grateful to Jonita for this 13 days of Exploring Femininity simple yet powerful exercises. It was a life changing experience for me as I was going through tough time and this challenge helped me a lot in terms of self-love, forgiveness, womb meditation and many great stuff. All these steps are helping me to be a better person each day. I was amazed by the concept of sisterhood and just loved it. Although few exercises like feeling yourself and acknowledging your dark side were a bit harder but I realized that those were truly powerful steps. I realised that I have been very hard on myself for many bad past memories but I learned forgiving myself. I am doing it every day and it feels great. I am grateful to Jonita for helping me and other women to have a happy and fulfilling life.”
~ Sweta Anand, Sweden

 ” I loved the Exploring Femininity 13 free days video series! It’s gorgeous. Before, I was in love with my body but these videos integrate it deeply in to my lifestyle. Jonita’s emails support me on activating my sensuality on a daily basis.”
~ Silvana Luna, Switzerland

“The Exploring Femininity Challenge is a valuable challenge for any modern woman. I myself, live with a lot of masculine energy, and can have trouble connecting with my feminine power. This video series offers me the individuality I need to take more time on certain challenges. My challenge is longer than 13 days, as it takes me time to make things part of the routine. I also like that the Facebook group is available, as I enjoy seeing how others are approaching the challenges. Jonita has made this easily accessible and still continues to provide guidance.”
~ Jewel S, Canada

“The Exploring Femininity Challenge was a gorgeous experience for me. It is spilling over into my life and I feel enriched. Even things I was familiar with were clarified with Jonita’s light shining on them. I cherished the entire experience! The Expansion and Contraction is more feminine than what I learned, feeling rather than doing, and now I feel capable of muscle testing confidently. Using the Womb Breathing felt like a miraculous way to create a gentle presence within myself. And thinking of ways to put Curious Cat activities into my days has been making me smile! Thank you, Jonita Dsouza, for the inspiration to add beauty and sensuality into my life! <3" ~ Charlene M, US

” I love the Exploring Femininity Sisterhood group. It helps me to celebrate more of my feminine with other sisters in the group. I feel inspired and supported everyday. Yes, we all should encourage our feminine readiance to shine through every day.”
~ Samah Muhammed, Sudan

“Thank you so much for the Exploring Femininity Sisterhood group, Jonita. All the love, support and encouragement shared by you uplifts my energy. I love interacting with the other sisters too. 
~ Justine Bingham, US

“Exploring Femininity Sisterhood group keeps me accountable to slow down and continue softening and leaning in to my feminine wisdom on a busy day. I love that Jonita is authentic and her sharings deeply resonate to me. Each day I am learning more and more about myself and my desires and I am loving designing my life this way.
~ Harriet Fischer, Germany