33 Life Changing Life Lessons I Learnt in 33 Years

Sacred Feminine

This year I turned 33.

I have been on a path of spiritual growth since the last 9 years and I can feel a sense of home-coming to this age.
(I know it is contrary to the societal belief that women dread to age beyond 30! 😉 )

I have been always curious about numbers, how they relate to our lives and their significance for our spiritual growth.
I know that we are surrounded by signs from the Divine, should we choose to interpret them. 

My this sense of liberation and curiosity led me to research about the number – 33.  

I found some interesting facts – 

33 has several esoteric significance and is also known as the Christ age.

There are 33 vertebrae in our spine and aligning them through activating our Chakras leads to Kundalini awakening

The angel number 33 symbolizes growth and also refers to the Trinity, and means that you are receiving divine protection, help, and guidance.

Pythagoras taught that 3 was a noble number because it is the only number which is the sum of all of the numbers below it. It therefore is the symbol for “As above, so below,” 

Anyways, back to my 33rd year in life ..

Now when I look back, I can precisely see how my life experiences –

all those good times and especially the hard times .. all those failures and heart breaks ..
all those tiny moments of joy and excitement .. all the people and relationships ..

have been conspiring to make me this woman that I always dreamed of becoming but never dared to admit!

I am grateful that today I have been shown the path of my sacred purpose and  I am living my truth.

This is a small compilation of the truth that I live by now.

Watch the video below –

The acknowledgement and acceptance of these have been life changing for me!

I hope you enjoy watching them and my life changing life lessons inspire you in one way or the other.

I know many of you may have more life experience than me and I am not claiming the understanding of life more than you. 

This is just an expression of me living my truth.

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