An Easy Mantra to Find your Inner Peace Anywhere Anytime

Today any news channel you open, any newspaper you take is shouting out world events of fear, disparity, grief, loss, hatred, stress.

I know that we all desire peace. But if we all desire peace, why are we not able to achieve it?

Today I want to share with you my quick process to connect with my inner-peace.


I love this quote by Dalai Lama where he said –

[bctt tweet=”You can never obtain peace in the outer world unless you make peace within yourself.” username=””]


And it is true for each one of us!

We are witnessing very chaotic times in the world and we all have our opinions about it.
But the world will not change by our opinions but by our example.


As women awakening in consciousness I want to re-iterate to each one of you sister we must learn to cultivate peace within ourselves and only then we can extend that peace to the world around us and create a world that is a better place to live for ourselves, our loved ones and for the generations to come.



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21st of September is observed as International Day of Peace across the globe and I want to share with you my very easy, fast and effective mantra to step in to my peace every day. You can use this wherever you are or whenever you need.

Watch the video below for the ‘easy mantra to find your inner-peace anywhere anytime’.


On a day to day basis we encounter several situations that has the capability of ruining our moods and sometimes even ruining our whole day – like the busy commute to work, interactions with our children, our spouse, our colleagues, etc.

But if you live by this mantra, neither the behavior of others nor the tragedies of the world can destroy your inner peace. This is when you are truly contributing to the process of manifesting and the rising consciousness of this planet.

Ok, so here it goes.

The mantra is – PEACE BEGINS WITH ME

You can say out this mantra loud or in your mind by using particular hand gestures.

Breathe deeply, in and out, as you say each word…

When you touch your index finger, say: PEACE.
When you touch your middle finger, say: BEGINS.
When you touch your ring finger, say: WITH.
When you touch your pinky finger, say: ME.

Repeat this atleast three times (or more if you wish) to start noticing the shift in your energy.

This practice is so simple but in doing so you are altering your brain waves to shift your focus from your thoughts of anxiety, fear or frustration to your true nature which is peace. So next time you encounter a situation where somebody pissed you off or you hear of a news that disturbed you, repeat this mantra to yourself.

The ego will tell you – ‘ when everything falls in place, I’ll find peace’. But the spirit knows that its only when you find your peace, everything else will fall in place.

So I would love to hear from you.

Did you like this mantra?
How has your experience of using it been?








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