Powerful Tool to Cultivate Compassion For People Who Piss You Off!

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What do you do when someone pisses you off by their words or actions?
How do you react?

In the past, I used to get triggered in my emotions easily with other people’s inappropriate behaviours! 

But these days I just smile. It’s like I am experiencing a new state of consciousness.

Sometimes it may be easy to avoid people who piss you off. But most of the times it is the people that we meet in our everyday lives like our colleagues, bosses, sometimes parents, partners, children, friends that have the capacity to piss us off!

You don’t necessarily have to hate them but you can’t still stop from feeling pissed off by some of their behaviours.

So what do you do in these kind of circumstances?

Watch the video below where I share this powerful tool that has helped me to cultivate compassion for people who piss me off.

However, let’s not fool ourselves! I know that it’s extremely difficult to feel any sort of compassion towards people when they piss you off.

But if you are a woman like me who is dedicated to exploring her feminine essence and expand in her consciousness, then I know that you want this too!

However, being in this masculine dominant lifestyle we have forgotten how to use these innate gifts of our true feminine essence.

So next time when someone pisses you off and you catch yourself being dragged in to angry and hateful thoughts, remind yourself that this other person is just like you who just wants to be happy, doesn’t want to suffer either and knows not any better in that given situation. 

Just like you they are fulfilling their soul’s contract by being on this journey in life.

Chances are that if people around you are triggering angry, negative and hateful emotions in you, they are your spiritual teachers sent in disguise.

So sister, it is time for us to take responsibility of our emotions in such situation in a conscious level.

My favourite affirmation that I remind myself in situations when people piss me off is –

Yes, this situation, the people involved and the emotions triggered, are too part of God’s creation. It is our responsibility as women growing in our consciousness to become responsible of our own triggers and use them as an opportunity to continue to grow.

Every time I repeat this affirmation to myself it brings a smile and a sense of joy and grace within me and this is the beauty of our true feminine nature.

I teach compassion on a much deeper cellular level in my self-study programme – Empower Your Feminine Essence. If you are interested, click on the image below.

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I love this quote by Dalai Lama from the book The Art of Happiness –

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” 

So it is a win win for all of us!

Now I want to hear from you. 

How did you find using the affirmation – ‘THIS TOO IS GOD’ in your pissy moments?

I would love to read your comments below. 

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  1. Vatsala Shukla
    Vatsala Shukla says:

    I have clear boundaries and the people around me know that they better not overstep the limit because I will ask them what’s wrong, Jonita. We’re all facing our own challenges each day and the best way to stay happy while being there for others is to be honest with them and gently inquire if all is well. Sooner or later, one learns why a person is behaving the way they are and it’s okay – I can piss people off too by being too positive.:)

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