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Sacred Feminine

Have you noticed how you begin to feel dense in your body and intense in your emotions as we draw closer to New Moons? As women our bodies are greatly influenced by the cycles of the moon and I wanted to share one of my favourite practice during New Moons that helps me deepen my spiritual connection to the DIVINE within me but also around me.

Let’s talk about Fasting!

Fasting is not just to lose weight or to deprive ourselves to prove our love to God. Instead fasting is less about what we’re giving up and much more about what we’re making room for.

The past several years I have incorporated seasonal fasts into my lifestyle and have received a lot of benefit from it. This is so important for us women given that we live in a culture of over-consumption. We lose sight of what our body is communicating with us. I include this particular practice in my coaching with clients and wanted to share a little bit with you.

Watch  the video here and let me know what you think about this New Moon practice?

Fasting has amazing benefits. It draws you closer to God, gives perspective and boosts your health.

Fasting is an act of cleansing your soul.

How often we forget that our bodies are our temple and we put all sorts of fast food, sugar, GMO in it. Fasting is a great time to remember the spiritual connection we have to our physical bodies. Besides, our digestive system needs a break from time to time.

Fasting is also the moment that we are able to listen to our soul’s whispers. Fasting gives emotional strength during trials and times of anxiety.

Now I am not a dietitian but I have been practicing fasting for my spiritual growth since years esp. during New Moons for a period of 24 hours.

New Moon is the greatest period to detox your body.

You know that as women our bodies are connected with the cycles of the moon and fasting on during New Moons can enhance our feminine wisdom. During this 24 hour period I go on a liquid diet with no salt or sugar.

My fasts are more about inner healing and spiritual development that I wish to attain. I assess what has been going for me in my body and in my emotions – what I need to release, learn, heal or overcome.

I set the intention that my body use the fasting time to make the necessary adjustments chemically and psychologically that will support the fulfillment of my desires.

This is one of the ways to become connection to our body’s feminine wisdom. Every time I come out of the fast, I feel rejuvenation in my physical body, emotional awareness, intuition and compassion. I also observe that I laugh more 😉 . Now, I wouldn’t mind that.

I know it may sound tough or crazy but you will experience rejuvenation in your body, mind and spirit.

Now I want to hear from you!

Comment below and let me know –

Do you fast?

How do you feel after that?

Or do you like this idea of fasting during the new moons?

Or if you have any questions.



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