Women You Are Not Broken – You Are Only Breaking Through!

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I have a great life! I love what I do, have an amazing beloved and loving family, authentic friends, good health and body, numbers on my bank accounts look good too!  However, there is little part of our reptilian brain that always wants more. Don’t get me wrong! There is nothing wrong in wanting more but yes, there is wrong in not appreciating what we have and wanting more!


We live in a super busy society where we rush from one task to other and have forgotten the feminine way of slowing down and living in the present moment. And then, often feelings of un-fulfillment drag us down.

To make it worse, we sometimes begin thinking that our feelings of un-fulfillment in our personal and professional lives arise because we are just not ‘doing’ enough or perhaps there is something wrong with us!

Last month, I gifted myself two weeks’ time off and took myself on a soul deepening journey to Bali and participated in a sacred feminine immersion retreat. The experience was profound. Actually the word ‘profound’ does not do justice! The experience was soul deepening, heart opening and liberating to my sensual and feminine self.

I wanted to share this poem that came out of the pain that I felt that is pulling us women down – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically!

It’s time to set ourselves free and experience the juiciness of our life and that can happen only by walking the way of the feminine..

I hope this poem touches your heart too!

Here you go! 

“Women You Are Not Broken”

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” ~Marianne Williamson

We have been conditioned that something or the other is wrong with us!

Media, family, society, friends, colleagues, romantic relationships, you name it!

They left you thinking – ‘What’s wrong with me?’

If you are thinking this way, let me tell you the truth!

It is your excuse to live half a life.. not fully!

It is your excuse to run away from the responsibility of your own greatness!

It is your excuse to shine!

Deep within you know that you are not broken!

Even though people and circumstances made you feel this way..

You know that you have much more to give to this world and to yourself!

Woman, You are not Broken!

You are only breaking through!

Breaking through the fears of acceptance and love ..

Breaking through the norms of patriarchy and an unfulfilled life..

In fact you are stronger, beautiful and wiser than you think you are.

You only need to BELIEVE.. in yourself!

You only need to access your feminine wisdom!

Because then you will be free to express your desires

Because then you will be free to explore your feminine essence

Because then you will be free to experience pleasure

Woman, You are not Broken!

You are only breaking through!

Your feminine is inviting you with arms open

To experience the juiciness of life.

Don’t give up on yourself

Because Woman, You are not Broken!

If this little blurb lit your heart, pass it to the other women in your life – email them, share it on your social media, etc.

Each one of us need reminders (not just one but several of them – day after day) to start believing in ourselves today more than yesterday.

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