A Sensual Gratitude Exercise to Deepen Your Body-Love

A woman shines when she feels the juiciness of her body, her emotions as well as her gratitude for life.

Sensual Gratitude – what is it anyways!

Often we mistake the meaning of ‘sensuality’ to ‘sexuality’.

Sexuality is a part of sensuality but not all of it.

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And for you to feel awake and engaged in your senses you need to learn to become present to the sensations of your body. Once you tap in to this beautiful gift of your BE-ing you will become magnetic to your desires and who does not want that!

If you have been looking for ways to improve your feminine radiance, this is where it begins – inside of your body!

Not the outer cover of your body, but the inside of your body.

 You may ask how?

By falling in love with your body .. every single day!

In the past I had hardly met any women who totally loved her body from within.. regardless to say me being one of them. The more I engaged in to the teachings of the divine feminine, the more I learnt about how grateful I had not been for my magnificent body.

I had an eye-opening, heart-expanding moment in one of the Shamanic Ceremonies where I had an out of body experience. I witnessed my physical body to be completely transparent. I could see every single cell, nerve, bones, fluids floating inside of my body in all juicy colours to make me happen in this world.

Yes, our bodies are such gorgeous device that allows us to experience life through them. Our bodies are incredible. No wonder many ancient teachings considered our body as sacred, as our temple.

The better we treat our body, the better we feel. We feel sharper intellectually. We are more compassionate and able to act with deeper love. We are stronger and faster, lighter on our feet and more likely to enjoy our lives. 

When we treat our body poorly, we suffer. Our minds aren’t as quick. Our tempers may flare and our hearts are less generous. Physically, we may feel more tired and weak. From this place, we can’t give anything to others, or even to ourselves. 

In this day and age, societal as well as media conditioning has distorted our beliefs around body-love in a way that majority of us women either feel unhappy, critical, embarrassed or disconnected with our bodies to this extent that we have become disconnected to our body’s innate wisdom. Our body is a source of deep knowing that once tapped into, can liberate us from a lot of emotional trauma and physical illnesses too.

So here is my invitation to you start befriending your body with this Sensual Gratitude Exercise.

Yes, gratitude is an immensely powerful force that we can use to expand our happiness, create loving relationships, and even improve our health. Many scientific studies, including research by renowned psychologists Robert Emmons and Michael McCullough, have found that people who consciously focus on gratitude experience greater emotional well-being and physical health than those who don’t.

Therefore, this highly recommended exercise of mine is a double-whammy! You get to deepen your body-love while practicing gratitude i.e. heal your relationship with your physical self.

To make the most of this Sensual Gratitude Exercise, give yourself 10 mins of alone time. I do this Sensual Gratitude Exercise everyday right after my shower.Get yourself some organic oil like coconut or sesame or almond oil. Once you are ready, hop-on to the audio-guide to listen to this Sensual Gratitude Exercise

Practice this for a week every single day and you will begin to notice your feminine radiance shining through. You will notice how relaxed you begin to feel in your body even on a busy day. Some of my clients began to lose weight just by appreciating their body this way. And how can I forget to mention, practicing this Sensual Gratitude Exercise has made the sex-life of my clients more pleasurable too. After all a man loves to see a woman truly awake and engaged in the senses of her body. 

This Sensual Gratitude Exercise may take longer the first time but as you continue practicing it, it will come easy to you. You are the guide. The idea is to retrain our brains to look at your body with love and appreciation. This takes time but stick with it.

So, feel free to take as much time as required or as quick as you wish on a busy day. It’s the mere doing of it consistently every day is when you are able to step in to that zone of deepening your body-love.

The beauty of this Sensual Gratitude Exercise is that the more you practice it, not only you will deepen your body-love but also people around you will start noticing the radiance in you.








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