Why is it important to pamper yourself for FREE?

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If you find yourself going through your week at the speed of light it is time to take a break and pamper yourself!

Yes, you do not need to save for a special occasion to pamper yourself!

You can pamper yourself anytime you want for FRRREEEEEEE … yes!

A really powerful quality of the feminine is her ability to nurture life – including her own life!

We love taking care of others but we can only do that truly and unconditionally when we firstly feel fully nurtured ourselves.

Besides, researches have shown that good pampering can prevent, delay, or reduce most health problems, including mental health issues.

Pampering yourself does not have to be something you do only once a while – on your birthday or your anniversary or that date! 

Moreover, we often think that pampering is something extravagant that we need to spend money on. Thankfully it is not!

Watch this video where I share my 3 favourite ways of pampering that costs nothing – 

As women rising in her feminine essence it is important that we learn to nurture our self. Not only do you deserve a break sometimes, but you need one.

When we go long periods without taking any time for ourselves or pampering ourselves at all, we’re going to get burned out!

You can’t do it all, and we all need to remember that more often. Let’s stop trying to become super woman and instead start learning ways to become a fulfilled woman.

So keep your hands in your heart and ask yourself if you need some pampering and if the answer is a ‘yes’ then don’t hold on for an occasion or a Sunday but give yourself this time to pamper today.

This will serve you in the long run of your busy hectic schedule. Believe me the world will not rotating if you give yourself a half hour break today and pamper!

Now I want to hear from you.

What is your favourite no cost (i.e. FREE)  way of pampering?

Share in the comments below.



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