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Have you ever experienced this? Can you relate to what I mean?

Back in 2008, I had it ‘ALL’ (as they say) – a good looking body, a good job, a good relationship, money in my bank account, a good family and a good circle of friends! I loved the London city life! It kept me busy all my life and I enjoyed every bit of it until I found myself caught in the busy-ness of life that burnt me out and threw me in the back seat! Life became monotonous!

I was always a fun-loving girl.. used to laugh a lot..dance a lot.. still shy though! But there was not much enthusiasm in my life anymore. I was doing my best to fit into the norms of the society and other people’s expectations.. a typical people-pleaser!! I felt so uncomfortable in my own comfort zones but denied to step outside the box.

I was confused as I didn’t know what was going on with me. Now that I know more – I was denying the most important aspect of life – evolution, expansion & growth!!

Soon I was getting super drained in my job, my relationship was not interesting anymore and friends became boring. I was tired of it of ‘ALL’! I also realised that esp. in the west, women were under constant pressure to look good to seek attention and that drained me too. You know when you ‘do-the sexy’ and ‘not feel it’! Something was wrong! But I couldn’t figure out what! I soon found myself in the company of fake friends, binging, drugs, had a toxic relationship which killed my self-esteem. The sudden loss of my dear dad added to it! I began to fall sick – did plenty of blood tests but doctors found no answers! I found my body covered with eczema. I no longer felt beautiful. I wanted to run away! But where to?

I was sure that there is no way that I was just born to pay the bills and die afterall!! Since my childhood, I felt deep inside that I was meant to live an extra-ordinary life.. but how? No one ever taught me! I didn’t know what was missing in my life!! It was then time for a nervous meltdown – there I sat in the Southwark Park in London and cried my heart out for hours. I decided not to leave until I get some kind of sign from God (questioning if there was any!!)

All I wanted was some guidance on what was going on with me.. I knew I was a smart girl and will understand if I was given some sort of sign. Nothing happened.. I got tired of crying and returned home.

Next morning, one of my dear friends offered if I would like to be her guinea pig for the new life coaching training that she had completed recently. I had no reason to say ‘NO’!! As they say when the student is ready, teacher appears 😉

That day I put an end to my victim story and my lost identity!!

I spent the next 2 years exploring the true essence of life in a deep spiritual way with the help of several teachers. I changed my job, my circle of friends to a new community that supported my growth, I experienced intense emotions, cried a lot, released a lot of emotional baggage, allowed myself the time to heal all the physical and emotional abuse, connected with my soul and uncovered my divine purpose on this planet – I discovered myself finally!!

I am loving living life outside the box, happily married and fulfilling my purpose of empowering other women!

Exploring Femininity
Exploring Femininity for Love, Life and Business
Exploring Femininity for Love, Life and Business
Jonita D'Souza Exploring Femininity for Love, Life and Business