What is your Unhealthy Feminine?

Exploring Femininity

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz around women being feminine, embracing femininity and tuning in to feminine energy.

In the last 5 years I have met several women on business as well as personal levels and was always curious to find out about their take on femininity. Many of them did not exactly know what it is, many of them thought they are already feminine because they wear sexy clothes and many of them thought that being feminine is weak! Not to lie, I also met quite a handful of women who had this magnetism in their energy and a sparkling glow in their eyes that made me wonder if that’s what being in the feminine means like.

Having studied the teachings of the divine feminine since the last 5 years and seeing the positive impact that it has had in my life, I discovered that it is my sacred purpose to bring forth a fresh new perspective to femininity!

It is important that each one of us women learn about the healthy and the unhealthy qualities of the feminine energy as it will help us to have more compassion and insight in to our own behaviours and that of others. It will also help us to catch ourselves when we begin to go down that slippery road of negativity on a day to day basis.

Every single human being has both masculine and feminine energies in them. Naturally, a woman’s primary energy is feminine and a man’s primary energy is masculine. But in this modern day busy masculine world, many women have adapted to the masculine energy than the feminine energy in order to succeed. It is an illusion because living life in masculine energy have drained women of their real essence, intuition, health and sensuality.

Deep within women are now longing to surrender in to their natural essence i.e. the feminine essence without being seen as weak or lazy or lesser than. On the contrary, healthy feminine energy is radiant, magnetic and full of love. This innate power is in each one of us to embrace and honor. We as women need to learn to surrender in to this space and become part of the global healing of the Divine Feminine.

It does not end with women. Men too are longing to embrace their healthy inner feminine energy that will allow them to express their true emotions authentically and simultaneously step up in to their mature masculine. Since feminine energy is the intrinsic essence of us women, we can become their guardian of light by first recognizing this unlimited potential of the feminine energy within us.

Watch the video below to find out what your unhealthy feminine is.

We women have done a great job in building up our masculine muscle. But to become empowered in our true expression, we need to learn to balance this over-developed masculine muscle with our under-developed feminine muscle.

Below are some qualities of the healthy and unhealthy feminine energy that will allow you to become aware of your imbalance, so that you can make more empowering choices in life.

Unfortunately, most of us women of the modern day busy lifestyle are currently operating in their unhealthy feminine which is leaving them unfulfilled, overwhelmed, ill and burnt-out.

When you see the unhealthy feminine energy acting out in your life, you will be able to stop yourself from going down the slippery road of negativity.

Here are some qualities of the Healthy Feminine:
flowing, intuitive, healthy boundaries, unconditional love, compassion, radiant, creative, being, intuitive, magnetic, nurturing, sensual, patient, unfolding, surrendering, feelings, patient, energy, wisdom, birth/beginnings.

Here are some qualities of the Unhealthy Feminine:
needing external validation, superficial, demanding, sulky, jealous, manipulative, contractive, self-sacrifice, victim, needy, insecure, game playing, erratic, emotionally hungry, desperate, scattered, fearful, seductive, possessive, vindictive, rigid.

I have personally spent a lot of time in my unhealthy feminine (actually most of my past life) of jealousy, self-sacrifice, neediness, victim mentality, etc. and believe me that was not a happy place to be. I suffered emotionally every single day and that is why I am passionate about empowering women in their feminine.

On the bright side, our unhealthy feminine can help us recognize our shadow feminine that can in-turn assist us in growing into our deepest desires. (If you would like to connect with your shadow feminine, check out my Embrace Your Shadow Feminine Ritual Guide. )

Awareness is the first step to making a change and your unhealthy feminine is longing for your recognition.

So take a moment of pause and reflect –

Which of the above unhealthy feminine is showing up for you on a day to day basis and if it is really serving you?

When you become aware that you are heading towards your unhealthy feminine, ask yourself: ‘How can I make it better?’

This one simple empowering question will open up doors for your awareness and answers. One of the benefits of this modern lifestyle is that we have plenty of resources and information available around us – let it be online, through coaching, workshops, etc. As they say – when the student is ready, teacher will appear. 

I would love to hear your comments.

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  1. Reba Linker
    Reba Linker says:

    Really interesting breakdown of the healthy vs. unhealthy feminine, Jonita. These definitions are helpful and can encourage us to recognize when we may be veering into an unhealthy pattern and step back into powerful feminine flow.

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