Feminine Way of Journaling

Feminine Way of Journaling

I cannot stop insisting on the fact that the feminine loves beauty and elegance. And even a task that seems to be hectic and boring can be made interesting by adding beauty to it! Beauty is always tempting, isn’t it 😉

So today I am going to share with you some exciting and sensual ways where you can add beauty to your journaling exercise and start falling in love with this amazing tool of self-transformation!

  1. Set the Environment – Where would you like to journal? Indoors at your favourite corner in the house or outdoors in a park or a cafe? If you choose indoors then set the mood for it – get some fresh flowers, light a fragrant candle, your favourite essential oil, play some background soft music, have your favourite tea, a glass of wine or any other favourite drink, some nuts or any other healthy nibbles that makes you feel connected to your beauty. I personally like to journal indoors as London is cold and windy throughout most of the year and I like to be warm and feel cosy when I journal. 😉
  2. Get Comfortable – It is obvious that a really uncomfortable pair of high heels will not be ideal for you to get in to the mood of journaling. So this is your chance to stop and think what outfit makes you feel beautiful and really connected to your real self. There is no point to style like a diva and journal if that doesn’t light you up in that moment. I like flowy soft silk touching my skin and every time I am journaling I wrap my favourite silk scarf around my neck .. makes me feel good! What makes you feel good?
  3. Schedule a Time – Would you like to journal 10 mins every day or once a week or once every fortnight? Now these will be different kinds of journaling in itself which I will be explaining in a minute. For beginners, I advise to journal every 10 mins a day (I know that we all can take out that time from our very busy 24 hours just for ourselves!! No excuses!!) or you can choose one day a week for an hour – whatever feels good to you.
  4. Confess – If you are a busy mum or a busy woman in general, let your partner or spouse know about your new born love for journaling and how much you would appreciate this time by yourself for this beautiful ritual. This will allow you to create space and time for journaling.
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  5. Get your Toys– Our feminine loves loves loves loves beauty!! So get your sparkly pen and that beautiful journal or diary that will allow you to make a deeper connection with your inner wisdom! You can personalize your journals with feathers, some fancy pictures from the internet, or some glitter..go extravagant!! This is the tool that’s going to become your intimate friend! One of my friends Mary Schnorrenberg creates these beautiful handmade journals..it adds a whole lot of personal touch to it. 😉
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  6. Set the Intention – My journals are very special to me.. to built this connection write down your true intentions towards journaling (‘the real why’ behind you choosing to integrate this exercise in your lifestyle) on the front page of your diary and sign it off!! This creates a beautiful energy of your commitment to your journal.
  7. Say a li’l Prayer – To get the best results from journaling, it is important to ground yourself with your truth and soul. You can do a minute of womb breathing (check out this blog for this tool) or say a little prayer.

So if you would like to gift yourself this indulgence, what can you start to journal about ? 😉

 To begin with, you can choose to integrate one of my favourite 3 common ways of journaling in your lifestyle…

  1. Gratitude – Towards the end of the day, you can list 5 quick things that you were grateful for the day. This is a small simple practise but very very powerful!! [bctt tweet=”Gratitude increases your happiness by 25% and also opens you to receive abundantly in life! “]This is a great way that I can recommend to introduce journaling in your life and see your world change! 😉
  2. Present Moment Analysis – You can choose to spend some quality time every day to write down how you feel, what emotions are bothering you, what you think could have been done better. The idea is to just analyse your emotions and not be judgemental. This is a powerful way of exploring your emotions and connecting with your innate wisdom. This is highly effective, esp. during your menstrual cycle.
  3. Free Writing – You choose to write about anything or everything without any censors about any given situation, person, desire, a vision, etc. It is best to schedule a time for it in a week and fully devote yourself to it. This is yet another way to gaining clarity for the questions buried in your sub-conscious. This is a very significant process in creating or birthing a new idea!

Personally, I journal my dream from the last night and intentions for the day every morning for 10 mins and also spend an hour a week, usually during my Monday afternoons to dive deeper in to what is calling me during that week.

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Now I would love to hear from you..
♥ How do you journal? ♥
♥ How do you add or would like to add beauty to your journaling exercise? ♥

♥ Remember, when a woman connects to her inner wisdom, she steps in to her power that is not only radiant but also attractive to others and her desires too! ♥

Until next time I am sending you all my sparkly love…

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  1. Julia
    Julia says:

    Journaling has been so important to me on my journey also – both as a daily practice and to use at times when I need to delve deeper into something. Thank you for these beautiful tips that really create a scared space for our journaling practice.

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