3 BIG big reasons why every woman entrepreneur should explore femininity

3 BIG big reasons why every woman entrepreneur should explore femininity

It’s such an amazing time in the history of humankind that starting up a business could not have been easier for anyone with an idea!

I recently read that more than 90,000 new businesses were created in the last year in the UK itself!! Awesome!! 🙂

More and more women are joining the league and setting up businesses to bring out their creativity, ideas, passion into a business and become their own boss! We women love being our own boss, isn’t it!!

While more and more women are starting their entrepreneurial journey they are facing several challenges to follow the big, thick book of business rules set by our patriarchal system ages ago!

I have been hanging around in the company of some amazing women entrepreneurs since the last good 5 years as I started my journey of discovering the road to entrepreneurship and have often found many of them  (I was one among them too) saying things like –

I don’t like to follow a certain set of rules for marketing and selling and creating business plans!! It just doesn’t feel right..

I would like to add more colours to my website, my sales copy, my marketing materials

I don’t like salesy networking events

I want to do something crazy in my business..add a little bit of fun..

How do I make my business a true reflection of myself?

I just want to be me and successful!!


Does this sound familiar to you??


Let me tell you the 3 BIG reasons why every woman entrepreneur SHOULD explore her femininity and become in tune with it !!

This applies to anyone who is in the STARTUP stage of their business or for someone who is in the full swing of their business for sustainability.

Even Pope Francis quoted about the importance of feminine genius

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  1. No more Competition

When a woman discovers her feminine essence or femininity or feminine energy (whatever you choose to call it) – she steps in to her truth as a woman and that in itself is quite a powerful place to be. It magnifies her presence. Each one of us has this divine gift within us and when we start to make choices and decisions in our business from that place of truth, our business becomes unique and a true reflection of us. You no longer sense competition since there is NO other person in this world like you!! Tuning in to our feminine energy also fine tunes our receiving capabilities to attract more clients and opportunities in the business.

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  1. No more Burn Out

When we have a spark of an idea and jump in to creating a business out of it, it all seems very exciting – we feel like on purpose and suddenly there’s a greater love for life and even a greater sense of becoming useful to the society and it keeps us striving for more. And as we face the obstacles on our way one after the other and keep pushing ourselves – all the excitement, passion and purpose starts to feel like just another chore and impatience draws in. When a woman is in alignment with her feminine essence, she is able to manage her energy levels efficiently and self-care becomes one of the top priorities for running a successful business. No more BURN OUT or depressed state of mind! This is ONE big way of being productive in your business in the long run.

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  1. Collective Evolution

We live in a very masculine world with more and more people drawn in to the busyness of the society and feeling a disconnect from the real joy of life itself!! The technological advancement reflects the extent of masculine development in our society, whereas the spiritual advancement (which is far less) reflects the feminine expansion. The imbalance is quite clear to all of us. Every woman in sync with her femininity is adding to the collective evolution and expansion of the feminine energy of the world by just being herself! She is then able to leave a legacy of a much fulfilled life for her future generation in contrast to where it is heading now. Exploring femininity is the responsibility of every single woman not only for the sake of her own sanity..but for the men in her life.. for her family.. for her friends.. for the society and for the planet as a whole.

point 3

It’s a win-win situation for all of us 🙂


Now if you are wondering how can you get started with exploring femininity, I invite you join me in my free 8 days video series to experience more passion, pleasure, fulfillment and freedom in your everyday life! These simple daily practices will enhance your life for good!! 🙂

Turn On Your Feminine

If you are already a woman entrepreneur or thinking of becoming one, I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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2 replies
  1. Judith
    Judith says:

    Looking forward to seeing the videos …

    I’ve always said that when women stop bringing each-other down; stop judging themselves against each other and start working together, supporting each-others strengths THEN we can start having a positive effect on each-other and the world around us.

    Many women seem to spend a lot of time complaining about how men keep them down … what I’ve seen (especially in the workplace) is that men don’t have to … because women do it to each-other for them.

    Stop bitching … start loving!

    Love & Blessings

    Judith xx

    • jonitadsz
      jonitadsz says:

      Yes Judith, it’s time to get over the competition and step in to collaboration.. that’s only sane way forward 🙂 complaining leads to nothing..

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