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Hey Gorgeous Ones!! I wanted to write a quick note for a very special occasion! 8th of March is celebrated as International Women’s Day. I was born and raised in India and I had no clue that such a day existed. As I grew up I began to hear more about this day in the news channel on TV about big corporations celebrating this day!


I had not experienced International Woman’s Day personally until I got to the UK almost a decade ago. In 2008, for the first time when my partner brought me flowers on the 8th of March, I was amazed and smitten! He being a European said that it was a common tradition in the Europe and that they celebrate this day to honour the best women in their lives be it their partners, mum, sister, aunt, friend, etc.


As a curious cat, that night I went online to check what this day was all about. Wikipedia said that it was a day to celebrate women’s political, economic and social achievement! I had just celebrated this day for the first time and felt all good about it, until I read that description online! I didn’t like that explanation at all! At that time I was a student doing my master’s degree and it made me feel that I haven’t significantly achieved anything politically, economically or socially, but I am a Woman!


Why couldn’t we just celebrate this day for whoever we are!


Watch the video below where I share my idea of this day!


So here I am to celebrate International Woman’s Day this year with you! Whoever you are, whatever your achievements are, this day is for you to celebrate yourself – for the goodness that you spread around you.. for womanhood.. in sisterhood! Not in competition and jealousy for other women but in pure love for each other!


And as a gift, I have invited few of my fellow coach friends and sisters who are also experts in the fields of mind-set, love and wellness, to come together and create a gift hamper of Feminine Inspiration just for you! It’s for FREE and is a great resource for you to nourish your beautiful soul with tips and tools for mind-set, love and wellness.


All you need to do is sign up in the link below which will give you access to this awesome collection of Feminine Inspiration and get to know the wonderful work of these experts too!



♥♥♥ The world needs more women awaken in their feminine energy and by taking this journey with me, I know you are contributing in creating a balanced and sustainable life for yourself, your loved ones, people around you and for generations to come.
I honour you for that!
Happy International Women’s Day! ♥♥♥

I would love to hear how you will be celebrating this day! Make sure you share in the comments below or jump on to the Exploring Femininity Facebook Group to carry on the discussion..

Until then.. I hope you enjoy your FREE gift hamper.. 🙂

leadership coach for women







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