Are you a Suppressed or an Expressed Feminine?

Suppressed Feminine or Expressed Feminine

Many women have a very limited impression of what femininity really is. Some also think that once they are done with a particular course or a set of given exercises, they will be fully connected with their feminine.. which in some cases is surely true – you may definitely feel connected to your feminine, but in many cases, does not last for very long!!

Femininity is a life-long journey for us women desiring to embody ourselves fully in our full-fledged beauty, authenticity, elegance, vulnerability and power for – better relationships, health, abundance, success, spirituality – a beautiful and fulfilling lifestyle in general !!

Tuning in with her feminine essence should be the No# 1 priority for every single women and part of her daily practice!! 

This is why I call myself a feminine explorer!! Every day I choose to become more and more close to my feminine self.

So below is a checklist that I have compiled for you to give you an idea if you are living in suppression or a full expression of your feminine self!

Now, I know that we live in the world of duality and there are days that we feel as suppressed feminine. This is absolutely OKAY as long as you become aware of this suppression and when ready, are willing to switch it to an authentic expression!! 😉 This checklist will also serve as a good reminder during those special suppressed moments … 😉

Here’s a downloadable checklist (just right click and save) for what a suppressed femininity may feel like –

Jonita Dsouza - Exploring Femininity - Suppressed Feminine Checklist

When we elevate our feminine expression in our lives and find a balance with the masculine essence, we are able to feel the joy and fulfillment in life. And I like to say – when a woman discovers her own personal mantra of balancing her masculine and feminine energy in her everyday life, she becomes a true embodiment of a SENSUAL WOMAN – tender yet powerful in her presence!!

Here’s a downloadable checklist (just right click and save) for what an expressed feminine will feel like –

Jonita Dsouza - Exploring Femininity - Expressed Feminine Checklist

How do you feel now? Which of your checklist had the most number of ticks?

I know that you exactly know what is calling you right now and where ever you are in your life right now, you can always add an extra sprinkle of femininity in your life.

If you would like to experience more pleasure, passion, freedom and fulfillment in your every day, sign up for my free online 8 days Turn On Your Feminine video series, where I guide you through simple exercises to connect more with your feminine self!

We’re the forefront of the 21st Century Woman and it is time for us women to OWN ourselves back!!

Sending you abundance of sparkly love…

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