Thank YOURSELF – Ritual To Honor Your Feelings

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I love the Thanksgiving festive season. I love to see how happy people are, how families come together and how they give thanks collectively. Although I am based in the UK and it’s not a big deal here, but any time to give thanks is my favourite time. Why not!! 😉

We all know the unlimited benefits of gratitude for our health, happiness and wealth. I am not here to list all of them for you. I am sure you can find plenty of it in Google. But I am here to say that we all can always HAVE a little bit MORE of GRATITUDE in our lives.

Gratitude is not just a feeling, but a state of being that we must learn.

We all feel gratitude whenever good things happen to us or when we remember about the good things in our lives, but living each day in gratitude is what connects us to our Divine Feminine.

Living each day in gratitude is what connects us to our Divine Feminine. 

Gratitude is a constant practice. It’s about being present, experiencing and honoring the whole of life – good or bad experiences and people in our lives.

For us Feminine Explorers, the attitude of gratitude is key to open to receiving in a feminine way!

So today I want to share with you one beautiful ritual to connect with yourself in a deeper level this Thanksgiving. 

I always mention that our feminine loves indulging in to small rituals like this. It makes it feel important and heard.

Our life is a total reflection of the way we feel about ourselves – let it be good or dark. Take a moment to PAUSE and CHECK-IN with yourself. The universal Law of Attraction clearly says that the universe responds to our feelings not  thoughts!!

In my work with women, I have noticed that we have learnt a pretty good skill in distracting ourselves from our own feelings and even worse that we are scared of our negative and dark feelings. I used to be that! I was taught to be a nice girl and so I ignored all the yucky feelings that I used to feel on a daily basis. Less I knew at that time that these feelings were trying to tell me something more about myself – something that I didn’t know about myself.

Most of the work with the Divine Feminine is correlated to owning our negative feelings – they are called our dark feelings .. I like to call these dark feelings as my Dark Feminine.

Although I can say that in the hardest times of my life, my positive feelings have been my greatest anchors for upliftment, but it’s been my shadow feelings that has allowed me to step in to my true identity in an authentic way and allowed me to grow as a woman in integrity with my desires.

Click on the link below to download a copy of your Thank Yourself Ritual. It will take not more than 15 minutes of  your time. Give thanks to your good and dark feelings and honor your true existence.

I am curious to know how it goes for you. Share in the comments below.

Let’s raise the planetary consciousness by showing up in gratitude.  Moreover, let’s honour our feelings that have allowed us to become the best version of ourselves so far and more of it in the future.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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