How are you coping up this holiday season? 🙂  I am sure that you are bombarded with all sorts of information about discounted sale offers, tips on buying gifts, how not to overeat, how to style, best recipes, etc. etc.

And by now, you must also be having a kind of your ‘shoulds’, ‘coulds’ and ‘have-tos’ list that you will be doing this Christmas and beyond to end the year with.

I don’t know about you but what I have learnt from my past experiences and also seen around among my friends and family is that we reach a kind of ‘high’ with all the excitement around this time of the year and usually end up in debt!! Yes, not only most of the time by over spending which is reflective in our bank accounts but by over spending emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually !!

Now don’t get me wrong! I love to give and I am so excited to see people around in the moods of ‘giving’ and ‘gifting’ during this time!!

And while we continue to give and gift this festive season, we as women require to deepen some of our feminine practices in order to avoid that holiday HANGOVER!!

In the video below I am sharing with you my personal favorite of the 4 SENSUALITY TIPS for you to experience more energy, beauty and pleasure this Holiday Season!!



Receiving is a deep spiritual practice and is a lot to do with self-care. We can spend a whole weekend retreat learning the feminine ways of receiving!! But I want to share my quick tip. This quick 10 second ritual is very sacred to me! Sensuality lies in our capability to ask for what we desire with diligence and authenticity ! 

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We all know that a lot goes on during this time of the year and we can really get carried away in the world of glitters.. which is fine with me.. I love glitters and sparkles but I always remind myself of my feminine receiving powers!

Receiving Exercise


  1. Take a minute out of your busy day today.
  2. Breathe into your womb to quieten your mind and bring your awareness to your body. (If you are not aware of the womb breathing, check out my blog ‘How Your Womb Can Save Youhere )
  3. Ask your self this question – ‘What would I like to receive during this Holiday Season?’
  4. List the top 3 feelings  that came up for you.  For me the answer was – LOVE, LAUGHTER, RELAXATION
  5. Write it down in a visible place as a reminder – like your diary, bathroom mirror, on your fridge, bedroom, etc.

Setting up your receiving intention during this time will allow you to feel focussed on your desires rather than all the ‘shoulds’, ‘coulds’ and ‘have-tos’.



You always have a choice! Let me tell you one big mantra that saved my life!! Every time you put the blame on others about a situation that has gone wrong in your life, you step out of awareness! I am not saying that they haven’t done you any wrong but what I am saying is that every difficult circumstance in our life is an opportunity to grow.

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[bctt tweet=”As feminine leaders, we have to start taking responsibility of our choices and our feelings. #exploringfemininity”]

We have to train our ‘responsibility’ muscle to take charge of our feelings! Taking responsibility about how you want to feel is quite a sensual practice.

So this time round, if you find yourself being pulled in some kind of negativity by a friend, family member or a situation, remind yourself of the below Feminine WomantraMy Feelings are My CHOICE’ !


sacred womb healing

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You can also remind yourself of what you have chosen to receive as I mentioned in tip 1.




Well this is known by all!! Water is our savior. I love my hot water and lemon every day and I make an effort to drink 2L of it every day! Although I must admit that I have been a bit naughty in the last few days! Keeping yourself hydrated, will keep you feeling fresh and energized, is good for healthy skin and overall immunity and a glass of water before a meal will save us that extra lump of food lying on our dining table that we may be dyeing to swallow! Besides, hydrating ourselves before and after drinking alcohol will save the hangover next day and we can wake up as shining beauties. Being well hydrated means that all of our senses are heightened too!




This is one my favorite tips. As adults we all know what it means (yes, exactly what you are thinking right now! ). I recently learnt this practice from one of my TANTRA teachers and I must admit that by integrating this a daily practice in my life has definitely increased my experiences of all sorts of small and big pleasures in my everyday life.

Allow yourself to be penetrated – the next time you are in a situation/circumstance/environment that is making you feel good, allow yourself to go deeper with that feeling. Acknowledge that feeling and hold it in appreciation for at least a minute. You might even want to say it out loud to the person next to you! For example, if you are viewing some glowing Christmas decorations, allow yourself to penetrate in its beauty – notice every single detail. You could also use this practice when you are spending time with a loved one, having that delicious meal, wearing that gorgeous dress or having a good time with that glass of sparkly.

How can you allow that beauty to literally penetrate you to your very core?

So I hope these 4 simple but powerful SENSUALITY tips will serve you well this Holiday Season.

I would like to hear from you in the comments below!

 ♦ What is that one thing that you would like to take away from this blog today
and apply right away? ♦

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For now, I am sending my Seasons Greetings to You and Your Loved Ones!!

leadership coach for women

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  1. Vatsala Shukla
    Vatsala Shukla says:

    I appreciate the idea of having a choice and the right to not want to fit in, Jonita. Interestingly, I was reading a post back at LinkedIn right now from a gentleman who is leaving a lucrative career for another one which matches his passion and my own advice to him and the readers was to stop trying to be a square being squished into a round hole. 🙂

    Great minds think alike. Wishing you an awesome 2017.

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