3 Important Rituals To Honour Your Feminine This Autumn Equinox

Jonita Dsouza - Exploring Femininity - 3 Important Rituals for Autumn Equinox

I love equinoxes!! In the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth (which is where I am right now.. in London, UK!! 🙂 ) , September 23rd marks the Autumn Equinox. I love the crispy chilly sunny breeze with leaves changing its colors to variety of gold dust around us during autumn. The Autumn Equinox is a mysterious time. This period plays an important role in our spiritual enhancement and is often overlooked.

We are all intimately connected with the movements of the Earth. We come from the nature and we go back  to it towards the end of our life’s journey on this planet! Nature is our greatest teacher of the Divine Feminine.

We women are cyclic in nature just like the mother nature and the sooner we embrace our cyclic nature, the sooner we will learn how to manage our energy in this busy crazy lifestyle. No matter how disconnected we are from mother nature, even those who live and work in high rise buildings are influenced by the movements of the planet – whether  we tune into it or not.

But when we do tune in our feminine energy intentionally with the mama nature, we give our selves a profound gift that can open up doorways for our own growth, progress, transformation and healing.

So this Autumn Equinox, I invite you to sync your feminine with the nature and experience the gift of this mystical energy .

In this video below, I am sharing 3 important rituals for you to honor your feminine this Autumn Equinox.
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As promised in the video, below is a downloadable playsheet that you can use to perform these 3 rituals this year and in the coming years. The playsheet is fillable so that you can get started rightaway. You can even juice it up by indulging your feminine with candles ( you can use candles in autumnal colours such as red, burgundy, brown or deep gold, indigo or orange), sage and your favorite drink (spiced tea or a bubbly if you fancy ;-)) Check out the playsheet.

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Our feminine loves rituals.

So now I want to hear from you..

♥did you perform these rituals?♥

♥did you enjoy it?♥

♥how did it feel?♥

Share your experience in the comments below and yes… feel free to invite your girl friends to do this too.

Until next time.. sending you my sparkly love,

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