Turn ON your SENSUALITY with this Morning Tantric Exercise

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I have a question for you! This very question will define how much you value and love your life!

How do you start your mornings?


In the past 5 years, I have been reading and researching a lot about the lifestyles of successful people, happy people and spiritual gurus and one thing was common!


♥♥♥ Each one of them had/have their specific morning routine that is so close to their heart, that drives their enthusiasm for life and that they would not NOT miss! ♥♥♥


In my 7 days free video series, Turn On Your Feminine, I talk about the importance of tuning in to our feminine essence before we start our chores for the day. I learnt it from one of my mentors who called this practice as ‘Feed Your Feminine First’ .


By doing this, we set our energy in a higher and expanded state and the day tends to unfold smoothly despite the hurdles that you may face! It’s a great way to set yourself to have an inspired and stress free day (even if it’s a hectic busy day). 


Today, I want to show you how you can harness your feminine energy with a particular Tantric Exercise which is quick, fun and sensual which will leave you feeling sensual in the mornings.


Now you may want to ask me –


 ♥ Why on earth would I want to do this? 

♥ Why do I have to tap in to my sensuality to start my day with? 


Because how much ever we want to deny, the universal truth is that we all are sensual beings and sensual energy exists in each one of us and this is especially heightened in us women as compared to men. Tuning in to our sensuality allows us to experience more pleasure in our everyday life (sexual or non-sexual) as well as it brings that daily glow in our skin, boosts our happiness, reduces stress levels, make our energetic field attractive and have better orgasms! So why wouldn’t do you want to feel sensual in the morning.. 🙂


By the ways, if you think about it, our bodies have the ability to literally create life in the form of a baby. And if you’re not using your sensual and sexual energy to create a baby, you can use this energy to create projects or manifest your wildest desires into reality!


I have personally experienced that by turning on my sensuality for the day gets me through the day really easy and many times, I attract a lot of unexpected surprises which makes my life more juicy, fun and pleasurable – let it be simple things like winning a small lottery, getting a compliment from a stranger, finding a seat in the busy train, difficult situation dissolving itself!! And so many!!

Turning ON our SENSUALITY for the day expands our body’s energy field and makes us more attractive to our desires.

So how do we do it?


Watch the video below where I demonstrate this quick and fun Tantric Exercise


Below are the step by step instructions for you to turn on your sensuality right-away in the mornings – 

♥♥♥ Start slowly by breathing in to your womb. As you inhale inflate your belly and imagine a pure gold energy circling through your womb. As you exhale, imagine that energy flowing through your whole body, nourishing you and allowing you to magnetize and create all that you want and more. You can watch my Womb Breathing Exercise video here . Repeat this step for few times until you begin to feel comfortable with the womb breathing.


♥♥♥ Gently allow your hips to start moving slowly in circle, in a way exactly how she (your body) craves to move. Do it at your pace – clock wise or anti-clock wise! Listen to the guidance of your feminine and follow.


♥♥♥ Now at this stage, I have worked with many women who start to feel resistant! If this is you, I want you to know that it’s ok! Continue moving your hips in slow circles, feel the resistance and ask yourself – ‘Why? Why are you feeling resistant to moving your body this way?‘  Usually this resistance is the consequence of  deeply rooted emotional pain in our womb, which can be due to our past experiences, beliefs around sensuality or sexuality, our upbringing, hurtful romances, etc. This Tantric Exercise also helps us to release these tensions from the womb.


♥♥♥ Ask yourself “How can I make the way I’m moving my body now more pleasurable or sensually exciting?” Most of the times, we are not giving our body that deep respect and attention that she is craving for! Follow your body, really listen in and she’ll be sure to let you know what she longs for.


Our feminine self wants to be intrigued and aroused by beauty with all our senses.

Sensuality is not just a physical act, but more of a state of mind and a way of living.

I am not a physical trainer but I have spent a lot of time learning tantra and various ancient practices that allowed me to embody my femininity and sensuality as I was going through the darkest period of my life. It also helped me totally switch my belief of ‘not feeling good about myself’ to ‘falling in love with myself’. And  this specific exercise brought back the element of fun in my body and I began to feel alive!


Our divine feminine self is extremely playful. We have become so serious and busy in our lives that we have learnt to deny ourselves these simple body pleasures. Our body is our temple and our only means of expression to the world and we must learn to have fun with it, tune in with and receive guidance from it!


I hope you enjoy this simple, fun and easy sensual exercise. I would love to hear your experience with it. Make sure you comment below or jump in to the Exploring Femininity Facebook Group to share your experience.

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