How Sacred Symbols can Awaken your Divine Feminine

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Now this one is quite close to my heart! It was only few years ago that I came across the concept of intentions (although I was doing something similar but didn’t know that the very act was called intention) when I read the book Power of Intentions by one of my all time favorite spiritual mentors Dr. Wayne Dyer .  I started practicing intentions much more consciously! I became aware that the more I was clear of why I want something, the easier it would show up in my life and when it didn’t show up in my life I knew that the universe was still conspiring my intention! 

Living life intentionally is a vital element of our feminine essence.

As part of living my life in tune with my feminine, I make sure that everything that I do is very intentional and it was no surprise for me to use the sacred symbol of Triquetra as my business logo.

But before I tell you what this Triquetra is all about, I want to shed some light on the divine practice that ancients have been using as the key to enlightenment, consciousness and blissusing Sacred Symbols in their everyday life!

Watch my video below where I share how using Sacred Symbols can assist us in awakening our Divine Feminine

In our modern day lifestyle, we have these Sacred Symbols all around us, however, we tend to not realize the potential of their influence in our awareness.  Some of the common symbols that we see around are –

Yin – Yang, Om, Spiral, Chinese Dragons, Flower of Life, Lotus, Dharma Wheel, etc.

As modern day feminine explorers we can use Sacred Symbols to act as great reminders for what we do or who we are choosing to be or even what we would like to invite more of in our lives.

And this is why I chose the Triquetrawhich is a combination of 3 interlocked loops with a circle around.

The 3 interlocked loops represent the trinity – mind, body, spirit; maiden, mother, crone; past, present, future; thought, feeling, emotion; earth, air, water – three forces of nature; the father, son, holy spirit (as in Christianity); life, death, rebirth.

The circle enclosing them represents – infinity; eternity; divine femininity

For me personally, I chose to bring in the Sacred Symbol of Triquetra in my life as a representation of Maiden, Mother and Crone. The ‘Maiden’ as a goddess represents the stage of innocence while the ‘Mother’ is symbolic of creation and the ‘Crone’ is an embodiment of wisdom. 

This is what the Exploring Femininity business logo stands for and when on a casual stroll on the streets of Covent Garden, I was lucky to find a Triquetra pendant, I couldn’t resist buying it!  

So today, I invite you to spend some time visioning –

What truly represents you ?
How you choose to be ?
What would like to bring in more of in your life?

Once you are able to determine that, you can google up their Sacred Symbols representation.

You can choose to have a picture of it or a jewellery adornment, do what truly feels good to you and is representation of your desires.

For those of you who would like to bring in the symbol of Triquetra in your life, here’s a Deepening Feminine Practice (feel free to download the image below to serve you as a reminder) – 

Just like every other Sacred Symbols, the Triquetra hides secrets within its structure. Each time you see it, take one deep breath each into your three Shakti Centres: head, heart and yoni. Allow yourself to simply feel your heart’s desire, in each of these key centres of your body. I am sure you will start to feel the difference.

leadership coach for women

I also wanted to share with you The Awakening Art online shop which is a collection of beautiful art work created by my beloved husband using Sacred Symbols and Sacred Geometry.

I would love to hear your comments below! What Sacred Symbol would you like to bring in to your life? And if you are already using Sacred Symbols, what is it?

Until next time…

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