How your WOMB can save you!!

How Your Womb Can Save You

I am here today to share with you gorgeous goddesses a very profound experience that I recently had which made me want to write about the sheer importance of our womb!

As women, our womb is considered as the center, the home and the power house of our feminine energy. Tweet: As women, our womb is considered as the center, the home and the power house of our feminine energy @jonita_dsouza #exploringfemininity

Surprisingly, womb is also the place where we unconsciously store our emotions from the past traumatic experiences of our lives like fear, stress, abandonment, betrayal, failure, suppression, anger, loneliness and rejection.

In some women these dark emotions can lead to physical illnesses in the form of various fibroids in our guts and vaginal area. It can also cause severe pains during our blessed menstrual cycles. The suppressed dark emotions are also the deep rooted reason for obesity among women. (If, like me, you are a believer in Louise Hay’s work, then you already know that all diseases and illnesses are caused due to emotional reasons).

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Recently, I was in a 3 day spiritual retreat in the magical land of Glastonbury, England. While going through one of the ceremonies I started to experience a very deep pain in my womb! All of a sudden the pain became unbearable to the extent that one of the healers rushed to give me some healing right away! Through deep meditation and healing it was realized that I was carrying a lot of ancestral trauma in my womb!! Now what can that be?? I had no idea!!

I cried a lot for hours and released a lot of  those tensions through breathing and some intense healing.

After seeking more knowledge about ancestral trauma, I found out that it is a very common concern among us women.

The egg that we grew from was formed in our mother whilst in her mothers’ womb. So not only do some of the attitudes, beliefs and unresolved emotions of our ancestral line get passed on through relationship, they get passed on physically, through our cellular structure. Centuries of abuse and suppression of the feminine principles that our grandmothers and her ancestors have faced have been passed on to us and these are limiting us in an unconscious way to fully express ourselves in the world!!

Now, while we are not responsible for trauma passed to us by our mothers unconsciously, we must be responsive to it. Tweet: We're not responsible 4 traumas passed to us by our mothers unconsciously but we must be responsive 2 it @jonita_dsouza #exploringfemininity

We are standing at the forefront of the 21st century woman and we DO NOT want to pass on any more of our ancestral traumas to our next generations to come!!

We want the coming generations of women to be empowered and free to fully express themselves in their grandest elegance.

This is why it is VERY VERY IMPORTANT for us women to start giving attention to our womb.

YES, our WOMB can SAVE us (and our future generations)!!

Breathing is a great exercise to release such traumas.

Below is a video which I wanted to share with you all so that you can quickly access a SIMPLE yet POWERFUL tool to tap in to your womb’s wisdom and practice it daily to deepen your connection with the womb.

(Feel free to sign up here for the free Turn On Your Feminine video series to gain access to all the 8 simple exercises to explore more of your feminine 🙂 ).

There are various other ways to access your womb’s wisdom. I have been exploring a lot about the womb for quite a while now and integrating several practices in my daily life some of which I also share in my workshops.

For those of you curious cats like me, here’s another video from one of my teachers – Kalindi Jordan. Kalindi is the founder of the ‘Art of the Sensual Woman’ and shares with us some great insights on our womb –

Here’s what Kalindi talk about –

What really is Sensuality [0.02]
We are naturally Feminine [1.06]
Womb has a magnetic force [2.52]
Womb can transform lives [5.15]
Pain in the body is tell us that something is not in harmony [11.51]
Kalindi’s favourite practise – ‘Rocking the Womb’ [18.34]

Now, I want to hear from you.. What are you willing to commit to in order to deepen your relationship with your womb?

Please share in the comments below.





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  1. Jesse Webb
    Jesse Webb says:

    I love this easy, simple practice to connect with my womb! Thank you, Jonita! It felt soooo good to do the breath just a few times while watching your video and I am looking forward to adding this in to my daily practice to continue to connect in to my Womb Wisdom. 🙂

    • jonitadsz
      jonitadsz says:

      Awesome.. gorgeous Jess!! Yes, I love simple things in life that brings us close to our existence. I hope you enjoy manifesting your womb’s wisdom through this practice! ..<3

  2. Ortalya Elyashiv
    Ortalya Elyashiv says:

    Hello and Greetings,
    I wanted to tell you that I love your site and I would like to ask about the picture on the site if I cam use it Please send me an answer to the attached email.

    Ortalya Elyashiv

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