Busy Woman:You are missing on Sensuality!

Jonita Dsouza - Exploring Femininity - Busy Woman: You're missing Sensuality

Let me ask you a standard question – How’s your day been so far? Are you busy? The standard answer would be a ‘Yes’.

One of the downsides of being a woman in the 21st century is that we (by default) have become so busy in our lives with all the things that we have to be ‘doing’ and ‘achieving’ and ‘getting done’ that we have missed the point!

We are human ‘beings’ and not human ‘doings’.

As woman, being busy throws us right away from our sensuality.

Sensuality is about tuning in to all of our senses that makes us feel alive on a daily basis.

Sensuality is when a woman is able to balance her femininity (i.e. her playful, creative intuitive part) with her masculinity (i.e. inspired action, focus, ambitious part).

Sensuality is the dance between the masculine and the feminine.

In the video below I talk about 4 levels of ‘being-ness’ and how each of these levels are affected when we are being ‘busy’ all the time which hinders our capacity to become a sensual woman!

So how committed are you to your sensuality? How are you planning to slow down? I would love to hear from you in the comments section of the blog.

To begin with, here’s my challenge to you – in the coming days –

♥ Commit to eating your food slowly in appreciation ♥

♥ Commit to walking slowly feeling the movements of your body ♥

♥ Commit to not using the word ‘busy’ in any of your responses to other people and you will notice that the depth of your conversation with other people will increase ♥


I would love to hear from you in the comments section of the blog And if you would like to shake-off your holiday-hangover and sensually recharge yourself for 2018, I invite you to join me for some beautiful feminine rituals to Sensually Recharge You for 2018. Just click on the button below.

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