Are you in tune with your femininity?

Are you in tune with your femininity?

When I was doing my research on prevalent women issues to collect more information for a programme that I am currently creating, I was stunned by the statistics shown online!!

61% of women over the age of 30 are constantly over stressed, anxious and depressed!

90% of women always put others opinion first before making a decision

48% of women have faked an orgasm at least once in their life! OMG!!

Female Mid-Life Crisis is an official term which didn’t exist a decade ago!

3/4th of the British women are not happy with their body shape

58% of women want more success in their life!

Number of single women has doubled from 18% to 36%

40% of our stress in life is work related

40% of psychological disorders happen in women due to juggling role

These information were collected from various different sources online and I was left petrified!! I lied in my bed thinking – ‘ARE WE HEADING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION?

Deep in my heart I felt that these statistics need to change!! Do you feel me?

Exploring our feminine is a life long journey that fills us up with a sense of deeper connection to ourselves as a woman, to our existence, our values and our desires. It’s a constant practice that we as woman are required to integrate in our day to day life.

As one of my favourite teacher Abraham says –

leadership coach for women


Watch the video below to find out that 1 important question to ask yourself that will tell you if you are in tune with your femininity!!

So what’s your excuse?

Are you already in tune with your feminine and your search is over?
Are you too busy?

[bctt tweet=”I believe that it is the responsibility of every woman of the 21st century to tune-in with her feminine energy so that we can together create a sustainable lifestyle for ourselves and for the generations to come!!”]

And if this is called you to explore your femininity, join our amazing community of ladies who have taken the FREE online ‘Turn On Your Feminine’ video series to integrate small simple practices to tune-in with your feminine and experience more pleasure, passion, freedom and fulfillment in everyday life!


leadership coach for women



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