Time Management Can Be Sensual

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Is there any woman on this planet earth who is not busy, over-worked and under-fulfilled? I totally get that feeling!


Zoe who is a member of my Online Exploring Femininity Community wanted to know how we can go about managing our time. I cannot be more thankful to her for asking this question because this is something that I get asked a lot while coaching with my private clients. I thought why not share my perspective of how we can use our feminine attributes to become the creators of our time!


Managing our time is a real art which involves us getting a little bit creative with it and changing our relationship with time.


Let me tell you the truth here – ‘we can never have all the time!’ Yes! It’s an illusion. However, we as feminine explorers have the ability to create time for what really serves us, for what really lights us up and for what really means a lot to us.


In the video below, I am sharing why time management is all about sensuality and how we can make simple lifestyle changes to create more space and time for ourselves.


But before that, I want to make clear what sensuality really is –


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Sensuality is when a woman is able to balance her femininity (i.e. her playful, creative intuitive part) with her masculinity (i.e. inspired action, focus, ambitious part).



Here are my top tips to create more time for yourself in your everyday life –


♥♥♥ Use a diary

♥♥♥ Act in alignment with your desire

♥♥♥ Batch the similar tasks

♥♥♥ Learn to say ‘NO’

♥♥♥ Schedule time to rest and play

♥♥♥ Declutter your surrounding

♥♥♥ Cut down on your stressors

♥♥♥ Tune in to your cycles 

♥♥♥ Tune in to your Sensuality


As you learn to manage your energy on a daily basis you will begin to notice that you are able to get more done during the day and the things that don’t get done probably didn’t mean a lot anyways.


If you want to feel differently, you will have to learn to live differently inside out.


And the more you are committed to practice sensuality in your life, the more you will find more time available in your hands to make you feel good, get things done and feel fulfilled.


Now, I would love to hear from you. What one thing will you start implementing in your life starting today to make your time more manageable and also feel sensual. Remember small consistent steps take you farther 😉


Feel free to comment below or join the conversation in our Online Exploring Femininity Community.

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