30 Seconds Meditation to Enhance My Favourite Sense

Hey, Gorgeous! Have you ever had this feeling where you spent the whole day in front of the computers and your eyes feel dried and tired. Well this is one common experience among us busy women who spent most of the times infront of the computer or mobile phones and infront of the TV while we are resting.


I am here working having a really busy day – skype calls with my clients, checking my emails, social media and watching some tutorials. My eyes are really tired!

You know I am all about giving you quick tips to experience more energy, fulfilment & pleasure in your busy lifestyle and today I wanted to share with you a technique that I learnt from my kundalini teacher that helps me look after one of my favourite senses.

One of the things that I always emphasise in my work with women is that a sensual woman is one who lives her life being present in all of her senses.

A sensual woman is one who lives her life being present in all of her senses. 

In our busy lifestyle we are forgetting to look after one important part of our body which helps us to really see the beauty of this life – our eyes. Our eyes are constantly looking in to our phones, laptops, TV, newspapers, etc.

This 30 seconds meditation when used in your busy lifestyle will not only help you release the tension from your eyes and the areas around but also help you improve concentration, memory, intuition and reduce anxiety. It’s called Candle Light Meditation. You can do it anytime in between your busy work day as long as you have a candle around that will relax your eyes, in align you with your intention and bring you back to presence – your BEING.

Watch the video to find out more –

Here are the Steps to this 30 Seconds Candle Light Meditation to enhance my favourite sense –


As a first step in the practice of candle light meditation, wash your eyes with clean water and light a candle at a distance of around a metre best if the candle is at the same level as the eye.

Set an intention and focus on the flame of the candle for about 30 seconds. Yes, set a timer.

As you are focusing on the flame practise womb breathing. If you are new to womb breathing, you can check out my blog here to learn more

After 30 seconds blow off the candle, keeping your intention firm and say to yourself – And so it is!

Now, close the eyes and cover them with your palms and relax. After a couple of seconds, gently open the eyes.

And that’s all it is!

Your 30 seconds candle light meditation to improve your eyesight, concentration, memory, intuition and reduce anxiety.

This 30 seconds will make a big difference to bring you back to your presence in your busy day.  

Now I would love to know your experience of this 30 seconds Candle Light Meditation. Comment below or join the Exploring Femininity Facebook Group to carry on the conversation.



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