Where in Your Life Do You Need to Add More Beauty?

Sacred Feminine

What does FEMININE BEAUTY mean to you? Have you ever stopped and pondered?

There has been so many connotations about beauty. The media, internet, advertisement, etc. has totally distorted the real innocence of beauty. Now we women are striving for every thing on the outside to feel more beautiful – which is achievable to many extent but is very short lived. 

The cosmetic and the fashion industry has tapped in to this lack that women are feeling today and are making their millions away. I am not against them but I am against the feeling of beauty that a woman gets only when she looks nice.

Mother Nature is the best display of feminine beauty with floating clouds, dazzling sunsets, glorious waterfalls, booming flowers and changing colours.

Mother Nature’s beauty uplifts and inspires us and that is what natural beauty is all about for us women. It’s when beauty touches us soul and we feel deeply connected to everything around us.

Our feminine loves beauty.

Remember how you feel when you go into a beautiful home, a building, a garden, or see a beautiful person or pick up a beautiful piece of clothing.

In our busy lifestyle somehow we have forgotten the real essence of feminine beauty. We are striving for beauty in the external but in fact its beauty is an inside job. Feminine Beauty is the one that shines from within. When we begin to walk in beauty it uplifts and inspires us as well as people around us. You are a being of beauty. And when you share the beauty of you today, you will experience more of it coming back to you.

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So I invite you to take a moment and think –

♥♥ Where in my life do I need to add more feminine beauty? ♥♥

Is it your work, living environment, your self-care, your spiritual life, your health?
What is it for you? 

And I want you to know that your definition of beauty is unique to you.. it is your self-expression.. so invite the beauty that feels real and in alignment with you, your personality; not what everyone else thinks it is or it should be.

And to invoke your intention to add more beauty to your life I have this beautiful Navajo prayer for you. It’s a traditional Native American prayer to walk in beauty. A lot of my work around the feminine is very inspired by the ancients and the natives as our ancients hold a lot of answers that we can integrate in our current modern lifestyle to seek higher consciousness. I hope you enjoy this and use it every day as a reminder to step in to your real beauty. Have a beautiful day.

Sacred Feminine

Now, I would love to hear from you! Where in your life is your feminine calling you to add more beauty? Be honest with yourself and share in the comments below.

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