Will you do your Vagina a favour please?

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Will you do your vagina a favour please..


Ladies.. Today I wanted to share something really personal. It’s been 4 years that my husband I have quit consuming fluoride related products only when we found out its side-effects to our pineal gland which is related to the third eye chakra, our growth, our awareness and our consciousness.


I wanted to create this video to bring your awareness to something that I am really passionate about and also concerned how many of us women don’t know about. I am passionate about femininity, sensuality and sacred sexuality and in order to evolve in these elements, I believe as women, we deserve to know what goes onto and into our bodies.  This year I have fully transitioned to using only organic products on my body and in my body.


Today  I want to talk about our vagina, which in tantra and sanskrit is also known as ‘yoni’, meaning a “sacred place or sacred portal.


Our yoni is the sacred entry to our temple – our body.


Just like every other part of our body, the yoni holds emotions, tensions and has its intuition too. In my coaching, I also teach woman how to connect and receive guidance from their yoni.


Watch the video below to find out what how we can look after our yoni and do them a favour!



Our yoni is like a sieve – whatever goes on there goes right into the blood circulation.


This is why I’m so fond of saying Don’t put anything on your body that you wouldn’t eat if you had to.


Your vaginal tissue is the most sensitive tissue on your entire body.


According to studies, us women will use around 17,000 sanitary products in our lifetime during our menstruation;  so what we use has a real impact in our body and mostly to our feminine wisdom.


The thing that we women do not very well know about given the fact there is not much discussion is that our sanitary products contain tonnes of chemicals that are harmful for our vaginal and our overall health in the long run. There are plenty of articles in google where you can find more information on this.


The sanitary pads contain chlorine, pesticides, artificial fragrances contaminants, genetically-modified organisms linked to hormone disruption, cancer, birth defects, dryness and infertility. Chlorine in the sanitary pads can lead to dry, flaky skin – particularly if you already have eczema or other dry skin complications.


Using these products sets you up for irritation and yeast infections. This is because harsh chemicals disrupt the vagina’s natural lubrication and remove healthy bacteria, setting the stage for infections and chronic irritation.


Most of us women store a lot of emotional trauma in our yoni and not taking diligent care of this sacred portal can affect our sexual health too.


Besides, we can’t ignore the environmental impact of our sanitary pads. 90% of them are made from crude oil plastic. The rest is made from chlorine-bleached wood pulp. By using them, we add the equivalent to 180 billion plastic bags to our waste stream.


So what am I trying to tell you?


The next time you buy sanitary pads – go organic.


Avoid using conventional brand tampons and sanitary pads and opt instead for 100% organic brands which do not have any chemicals in them and are 100% disposable.


I personally use the brand –Natracare. I know many of the ladies have also opted for Moon Cups. (not that I am advertising for these brands, but I wanted to give you some examples)


Yoni is the most utterly feminine part of woman, mysterious and hidden, soft, receptive and embracing and intuitive.


So please do your yoni a favour.


Now, I would like to hear from you.. are you ready to do your vagina a favour?


Feel free to comment below or join the conversation in our Online Exploring Femininity Community. It’s a supportive sacred sisterhood of over 300 feminine explorers dedicated to living a beautiful life with energy, enthusiasm & pleasure everyday feeling confident & fulfilled without burn-outs.


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  1. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    Absolutely Jonita, some of us have been doing and educating others on this for 20+ years! As a Redhead, I have allergies to chemicals and some foods as does my son so I began buying products from health food shop all those years ago. Haven’t looked back. I can’t even take antibiotics without getting thrush, every time and no other time! My Associates and I recommend Menstrual Cups much of the time although we do recommend if you use tampons/pads to make sure the are organic. We are lucky to live in a very ‘alternative’ place so everything is readily available. Even Mooncup is manufactured here in our town! I bought my first Mooncup 15 hears ago, only replacing it when they altered the material, which is silicone. As they are reusable, I’ve saved myself a small fortune as well as honouring my Yoni (I’m nearly 55 and still having periods, although just entered peri-menopause). It’s all I use, even at night (I can also easily climax with one in too so great benefits all round! My man is a Dr so nothing phases him thankfully). Great for us Sporty/Dancers too! I know some females can’t use Cups for religious and medical reasons, but I would encourage any female outside of that bracket to try it for a couple of cycles at least, as some find it takes a bit of getting used to. Personally, first time I popped it in, I totally forgot about it until I felt I might need to empty it; can’t recommend them highly enough. Keep up the good work, we need to reach every female, whatever their age. ??

    • jonitadsz
      jonitadsz says:

      Rachel, that’s awesome to hear! 🙂 Your work is so much needed and I am so glad that I am coming across more and more women just like who are sharing this wisdom because yes, so many of others do not even know about it. I know Mooncup has been revolutionizing this whole concept and I am loving it too!

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