What really is Feminine Essence all about?

sacred womb healing

Hello Lovely! We are witnessing a shift in consciousness and women just like you and me are waking up to it. Many of the women are feeling an urge to start living their lives differently but not really sure how. Many of the women are having this undefined feelings of ‘breaking free’! Many of the women are so done with the busyness of their lives! Me too!


Every time I share with women (and men) about what my work is about, they do not seem to have much idea of it. They usually think it is around confidence, sex or self-love.. Yes.. but not only!!


So today, I want to share with you what this feminine essence is really all about!


Coming from a small tropical island in India, since the age of 15, I was in search of becoming an independent woman! Little did I know that this inquiry will leave me to losing my real essence, my feminine essence.


Independence symbolizes individuality which is very important for each one of us, however, feminine essence is about thriving in our individuality with the collective consciousness.


Our Essence is our intrinsic nature or our indispensable quality. It’s why we are here. It’s our life-force. And as women we tend to thrive when we are in tune with our feminine essence.


5 years ago, when I had hit a rock bottom in my life once again and decided to seek a journey of discovering my essence, my shamanic guru told me – 

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Once you know your essence it explains many of your mysterious actions and desires.

Watch the video below to see what this feminine essence  is all about.


Many of us lose our essence by letting the story of our life take over. This is a classic trap where our job becomes more important than living, where a relationship overshadows your own needs, where expectations rule our emotions and you can’t pace life to your own style.


With working with the spiritual practices around essence I began to see how life was flowing around me. It became clearer why people do what they do. I felt connected to the world in a deeper manner. When I discovered my essence, I realized that my sacred purpose is to spread this work to the women around which is why I founded the company Exploring Femininity. I think that this exploration is a constant practice and a life-long journey.


♥♥ So what is this feminine essence all about? 


The feminine essence lives inside every woman. It is not only the most attractive force within you but it is your life force and is a gift that no one can ever take away from you. It is important to understand that a woman’s journey to embody her feminine essence is not just for herself, but for her family, her community, her country and her planet.


For centuries we have distanced ourselves and our lives away from the ‘feminine’. We have come to a point in history where the consequences of disowning the feminine are becoming apparent in painful and frightening ways – climate change, war, global economic crisis as well as an overall lack of passion and purpose!

Women are now in constant competition for attention, for men, for career development, etc. And far too many successful self -sufficient women experience a lot of pain and disappointment in the areas of relationships.

If you want to step out of this existing picture and if you want to create an extra ordinary, fulfilling relationship for yourself, if you want a passionate purposeful, peace filled life, and if you want to feel confident, secure and beautiful in who you are, then you must start to bring back the ‘feminine’ in your world.


Expressing our feminine essence is something many of us women have either forgotten or simply do not know how to do. This is through no fault of our own; we have not been taught how to be feminine in a healthy and powerful way!


And the truth is that our feminine essence does not cease to exist when repressed. On the contrary, it becomes part of our shadow selves. At some point, it becomes too powerful to contain and leads to a breakdown manifesting in to anger, resentment, stress, depression, over-spending, increased alcohol and drug use, obesity, etc. Like a balloon its pops out!


It’s an illusion that feminine is about being sexy but it’s about totally owning ourselves, all of ourselves including our shadows. 

Although all humans have both feminine and masculine essence in them, one of these is always primary. At her core nature, a woman feels much more pleasure when her feminine essence is primary and a man when his masculine essence is primary.

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Our feminine essence is activated when we make certain physical, energetic and emotional shifts in our lifestyle i.e. when we become aware of our ‘being-ness’.


If this is something that resonates with you, I would like to invite you take a journey of exploration to Empower Your Feminine Essence.


Based on my learnings and journey of growth of my feminine essence as well as based on the several women that I have taught this work to, I have created 7 core explorations that would enable you to become aware in how you are ‘being’ in your everyday life and will help you to wake up every day filled with energy and enthusiasm to create an extra ordinary, fulfilling life for yourself, to blossom in your relationship with others and yourself, to thrive in your passion and to feel confident, secure and beautiful in who you are in your fullest glory with ease and no burn-outs.

I am not saying that by empowering your feminine all your problems will dissolve, but by learning the ‘being-ness’ in these 7 core explorations of your feminine essence, you will have the tools to feel empowered when these problems hit your road.


This is a self-study exploration journey which is not going to be another thing to add to your ‘to-do’ list but simple subtle exercises when practiced diligently will show you how doing less can sometimes help you to get more done. And this is the power of ‘being’ that I am talking about!


These 7 core explorations are really simple but when embraced can be liberating for ourselves.

As someone once said – ‘There is beauty in simplicity and life is so simple but we have done a very good job in making it extremely complicated for ourselves.’

You can find out more about the 7 weeks homestudy programme – Empower Your Feminine Essence here:

sacred womb healing

I can not wait to welcome you in this journey of exploration and empower your feminine essence.

Are you ready to stop the ‘doing and start the ‘being’?

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Feel free to comment below or join the conversation in our Online Exploring Femininity Community. It’s a supportive sacred sisterhood of over 300 feminine explorers dedicated to living a beautiful life with energy, enthusiasm & pleasure everyday feeling confident & fulfilled without burn-outs.




11 replies
  1. Antryg Revok
    Antryg Revok says:

    my soulpath is steeper/harsher than yours…

    i am giving you this only so that if you discover your ( beyond mere male/female ) absolute-nature is acting,
    you can recognize what is going on!

    feminine-essence is only valid when *a portion* of some soul/rigpa is manifest:
    no soul/rigpa is limited-to-male or limited-to-female..

    male-essence, female-essence, same thing..

    yes one has to earn OWNING/conquering it, instead of denying it,
    but there is a level beyond female/male, by far..

    once that level begins awakening, the real roller-coaster of realizations probably has begun!

    switching context between animal-gender-Essence’s meaning and BeyondAnimalNatureSPIRIT reacting/acting can make mince of one’s assumptions, even one’s self-definition!

    maybe this is all nonsense to everyone…


    for whomever it is that gets it..


    • Jonita D'souza
      Jonita D'souza says:

      Antryg, thank you for sharing your opinion. According to me, we can not judge each other’s soulpath. It’s unique to each one of us and that’s the beauty of us human beings living on this planet fulfilling our soul’s calling in so many different ways. My soulpath is to spread my message around femininity and your soulpath (as you say the steeper/harsher one) may be totally different from mine and all of it is required for humanity to ascend to its next level. Keep up with your initiation. Namaste.

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