What Is Feminine Clarity & Why Do You Need It?

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So what is this ‘clarity’ that everyone in the personal development industry is talking about?


According to Google, ‘clarity’ is the quality of being coherent and intelligible. As a common norm, intelligence is associated with our mind and our brain. Really?


I pondered a lot on this and realized that clarity does not come from intelligence but from intuition. Yes, intuition – the word that many of us feel nervous to use even though we are guided by it all the time!


Surprisingly, Google associates intuition with our mind too. As a feminine explorer this did not seem right to me at all.


Intuition is based on body’s intelligence i.e. our feelings and emotions and is also a prime attribute of our feminine essence; which is why I decided to come up with the terminology – Feminine Clarity .


♥♥ So what is Feminine Clarity? ♥♥


When we lack Feminine Clarity we are desperately seeking for answers and tend to forget that we actually hold these answers to our own authority. I know it takes a lot of courage and self-trust to just hang-on and not resist whatever feelings and emotions that shows up when we feel lost and out of alignment.


Interestingly I knew some girl friends who thought that Feminine Clarity is something that will appear when the time is good and all they need to do is just wait for that moment. More interestingly, some women also thought that it is just a few chosen ones who are gifted with Feminine Clarity.


But let me tell you – Feminine Clarity is what you create for yourself. Each one of us have this divine gift within us. We just have to activate it and create it as part of our lifestyle.


♥♥ But why do we need Feminine Clarity in our Lifestyle? ♥♥


If you are not clear about what you want and why you want it, our busy lifestyles can easily get you and pull you off track from living the life of your desires. We are living in a masculine world where more and more women are starved in their feminine energy. Let’s face it – there is a lot of information and undesired subliminal messages thrown at us from every possible angle. Media, Adverts, Marketing, iphones and all sorts of technology inundates our lives. It’s so so so easy to lose focus on what we actually want in our lives! This had led to an epidemic of a generation of unfulfilled human race.


We as feminine explorers are here to change this current scenario by choosing to tune in our real and deep desires.


Let me tell you sister – Your Feminine Clarity is your declaration to yourself and to God.

I understood that my Feminine Clarity is my soul’s whisper and that my soul knows how to deliver it because it is my truth. And so it is for you sister.


When I look back and see how far I have come, it’s all been because I got clear about who I was and what I believed and what my real desires were and I was unshakeable in that.


In the last couple of years some of the most interesting things happened in my life –


♥♥ Starting my own Women’s Coaching Business while working in full time job
♥♥ Traveling to 5 different countries last year including Iceland 😉
♥♥ Paying off my debt 
♥♥ Running a Non-Profit Organisation called Humanity’s Team UK in my spare time
♥♥ Paying the full expense for my wedding
♥♥ Creating a beautiful community of sisterhood around
♥♥ Deepening connection with my mum and brother
♥♥ Skydiving (oh that was epic!!)
♥♥ Healing relationship pain, anger and guilt
♥♥ Discovering my sensuality and pleasure in my everyday life


As I said before, whatever degree of Feminine Clarity you are experiencing right now is what you have decided to create for yourself.


If you find yourself surrounded by people and circumstances that leave you feeling exhausted and confused, you got to make certain lifestyle changes that will give you some space to create and enjoy the Feminine Clarity  that you are seeking.


Below is my invitation for you to join me for a complementary Feminine Clarity Call where together we take a journey of discovering your deep desires.



For a limited time I have opened up some spaces for Sensual Visioning Intensives where you and I will spend few hours diving in to your wants, desires and dreams. I will be laser coaching you to pin point the blocks that are stopping you from stepping in to your true feminine essence and create simple action steps to get you closer to your wants, desires and dreams. Together we will infuse some feminine rituality to this process and have a playful fun time creating results. You see I always say – our feminine likes to play 😉


Whether you have personal or business goals, Feminine Clarity will help you get there with ease and no burn-out totally in your unique expression. Click on the button below to book a complementary Feminine Clarity Call.


I am looking forward to taking this journey with you.

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