A 21st Century Modern Day Busy Woman –
We are working women.. We are entrepreneurs.. We are home makers.. We are lovers.. We are family orientated.. We want to have fun.. We want to be healthy.. We want to be successful.. We want to be free.. We want to feel appreciated.. We want to rest..


And in this pursuit, we often end up feeling overworked, overwhelmed and burnt-out!

The world around us tells that we need to work hard to get a desired result.. that we need to sacrifice something in order to get something (or someone).. that there is no gain without pain.. that we need to act confident for people to not look down upon us.. that we need to have the perfect body to be loved and most horribly that we need to compete with other women to get what we want!!

You are what your lifestyle is!! Is this YOU dear sister?

I have got your back sister!
Only because I have been there!

If you are looking for a woman
who can be your guide, sister & cheer-leader
in showing you how to
use the mysticism of the divine feminine to
reconnect with your unfulfilled desires,
rekindle your lost body love &
renew your relationships,
you have come to the right place.

I am Jonita Dsouza, your Feminine Lifestylist, an Author and Creatress of Exploring Femininity which is a medicine for modern day busy women. I assist busy women just like YOU to reconnect with their feminine and sensual selves in their daily lives so that they can begin to experience more energy, fulfilment and pleasure without burn out and overwhelm.

After immersing myself in to the teachings of the divine feminine for few years to pull myself out of my rock bottom moment, I realised my sacred purpose was to impart my knowledge and experience to women around so that together we can understand the beauty & gift of womanhood and create a beautiful life and a meaningful society for ourselves.

With over 7 years of experience working with hundreds of amazing clients guiding them to achieve remarkable success in their personal and business lives, my mission and commitment is to bring back the feminine to the women of the 21st century so that they get out of their ‘busy’ rut, learn how to cope up with the everyday stress and chaos, start experiencing the juiciness of being a woman and create a sustainable life for herself, her loved ones and for generations to come.

Exploring Femininity is an invitation for
modern day busy woman to embark on a
journey of uniting with her deep desires,
indulging in rituals awakening her feminine wisdom
& be guided by movements in her body
to awaken her sensual creative Shakti
to heal her anger, frustration and painful emotions!

My path to discover my feminine essence became very clear when in 2010 I went through one of my crisis moment of living in an unfulfilled relationship – not knowing my worth, no knowing how to love myself, not knowing how to set boundaries and say ‘no’, not knowing my purpose, not knowing how to process my emotional baggage around sexual trauma and not knowing the tools that could help me feel good and happy on a day to day basis.

         Read my journey of discovering my identity here.

As the saying goes – ‘when you are ready to feel it; you can heal it’..

My work is primarily based on guiding women to utilize their feminine wisdom to reconnect with their deep, hidden, neglected or unresolved feelings to feel empowered on the way they make their everyday life choices.

My popular online self-study programme – Empower Your Feminine Essence, exactly helps women to dive deep in to their core feelings that have been ruling over their lives so that they can stop the ‘doing’ and start the ‘being’.

If you are wondering, where to start your journey of exploring femininity, the best place is to start here with a 13 days FREE Exploring Femininity video series.

Over the last few years, I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of women and witnessing them change their lifestyle for good. Here’s what some of them have to say.

  5 Fun Facts about me that not many people know
about me

1. I come from a remote paradise island in India called Andaman which is barely visible on the map.

2. I am ambidextrous – yes I can write with both hands (among  the only 1% of the world).

3. I am addicted to spiritual growth and spend most of my time in learning & practising the mysteries of the universe.

4. I am an adventurous soul (sky diving, para gliding, scuba diving, snorkelling, sea walking, mountain hikes, pole dancing, to name a few of my experiences).

5. I am a big time introvert and love my hide-outs. 

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