The next round of this SISTERMIND begins in October 2023

In this intimate container you will be closely and safely held to unveil your bold energy that says NO MORE to the ideologies that are making you live a watered-down version of yourself.

I KNOW that you have cleared enough of your own stuff that you feel ready to be present for others’ growth and transformation.

You’ve become the work, in many ways.

But you KNOW there is much you are still avoiding, and allowing yourself to feel unsure around.

Empress Leadership is your permission slip for you to showcase your Soul Essence and make a difference in the world being REALLY YOU BEING you.

Now is the time for you to show up in service to you, your loved ones, your community, the human consciousness.

Because YOU ARE THE MISSING PIECE that thisworld requires right now.

Inside Empress Leadership you will uncover so much of your natural leadership qualities that you will be blown away.

Empress Leadership will have a lasting and profound impact on your life – growing your energetic bandwidth for extraordinary & aligned creative flow AND tapping you into a higher and wider mission in the world.