• Embodied Rituals To Make This Year Your Most Fulfilling Year!

  • Tired of setting New Year Resolutions and falling off the wagon in the first month?

  • Wish for some fun womanly tools for daily practise to keep you inspired in the long run?

  • Wonder how some women can create more as well as stay energised & fulfilled even in their busy lifestyle?

  • Wish to receive more with ease & happiness and also have time to play & rest?

sacred womb healing

Let me show you how to design

your lifestyle that supports your

true desires, despite your fears,

struggles and doubts, regardless

of the chaos around …

The ‘Sensual Lifestyle Visioning Kit’ consists of a series of rituals to –

  • Prepare you for a slow transition into the New Year, feeling ready in your body, not as and when the Gregorian calendar strikes

  • Guide you to create (or may be reframe) your vision for the New Year using the wisdom of your feminine, and 

  • Offer you feminine and masculine embodiment practices to integrate in your daily life, that are fun and sensual

You have the power to CHANGE

your inner and outer world sister.

I see you
I love you
I honor you

It’s time to become loyal to your

desires than to your fears.

sacred womb healing

The ‘Sensual Lifestyle Visioning Kit’ is for you if you – 

  • Aspire to receive clarity on your core needs, soul values, deep desires and sensual vision for the new year

  • Crave to have empowering daily embodiment practices that are fun, simple, powerful and feminine

  • Desire to nourish your body and enhance your lifestyle using the gifts of your feminine wisdom

  • Intend to feel inspired, energised, centred & radiant amidst the chaos of your busy lifestyle

I am in love with the Sensual Lifestyle Visioning process. It took me to the depths of what I really need to feel happy each day rather than just goal setting and action planning. The follow up practices have made a huge impact on how I lead my day. My relationship with my body and my husband has improved significantly too. Often I look back at my notes and see how much I have grown out of this process. I highly recommend this process. Thank you Jonita.

During the Sensual Lifestyle Visioning process I discovered several of my desires that I had neglected or forgotten. I was giving all importance to work and my marriage. This process taught me to reconnect with my little desires so that I felt fulfilled everyday. I especially love the movement exercises and practising them on a daily basis has improved all areas of my life. I am so grateful to Jonita for being so encouraging and understanding. I love her style of work.

The ‘Sensual Lifestyle Visioning Kit’ takes you through 3 essential stages – 

  • Stage 1 - Preparation

    Create space within you before the Sensual Lifestyle Visioning for the new year through a series of inquiry from the last year,  a sensual movement practice to release and a guided practice to celebrate your BE-ing

  • Stage 2 - Process

    Step by step process of identifying your core needs, soul values, desires and sensual vision for the new year through a series of inquiry & a guided visualization, followed by creating your Sensual Vision Board (I love to place this board on my altar space!)

  • Stage 3 - Practice

    Understanding the truth behind your devotion and daily practices to embody your masculine, feminine energies to boost your Sensual Lifestyle Vision for the rest of the year

Everyday Embodied Rituals assists

you in creating an intimate

relationship with your most

authentic self that feeds your soul and

puts magic into motion.

sacred womb healing

The ‘Sensual Lifestyle Visioning Kit’ includes – 


    to guide you through the 3 essential stages of the Sensual Lifestyle Visioning process, so that you can experience completion, celebration, receive clarity and learn tools to embody your Sensual Vision


    to give you step by step instructions on specific Sensual Movement Practices to energise your vision on a daily basis


    to deepen your reflection and awareness of your Sensual Lifestyle Vision

And .. Lifetime Access to Some Irresistible Bonuses!

  • ’Authenticate Your Desires’ Guide Book (value $33)

    to give you a clear idea on what your true desires are and how you can validate them based on your feminine. Refer to this guidebook anytime you feel confused about your desires for this year (and even beyond) as you are going through the process of creating your Sensual Lifestyle Vision for the new year

  • ‘Sensual Goddess Way of Dealing with Fear, Doubt, Struggle’ Guided Practice (Value $33)

    to feel your fear, doubt and struggles without judgement and transmute them into sensual remembrance

  • ‘Holding Space for Your Desires’ Guided Practice (Value $33)

    to energise your deep desires on days when you feel anxious or lost

  • ‘My 3 Favourite Ayurvedic Beauty Ritual’ Guide Book (Value $22)

    to celebrate your temple body and experience rejuvenation of these ancient rituals anytime you need

  • ‘Rainy Days’ Audio Guide (Value $22)

    my exact thinking and BEing process when I go through days of overwhelm and lack of inspiration with tips for you to implement when you feel demotivated

  • ‘Inevitable Manifestation Technique’ Guide (Value $33)

    achievement of any goals or desires requires you to set up the right environment to accelerate manifestation. This guide will assist you in creating the precise conditions for manifestations

Just these BONUSES are THE only ‘SENSUAL TOOLKIT’ you will require for the rest of the year to realign yourself with your Sensual Vision in your moments of weakness or triumphs!

Don’t let another year go by leaving you burnt-out and unfulfilled.

Your desires are waiting for you to make them a reality.

Gift yourself the Sensual Visioning Lifestyle Kit now.

Your feminine and sensual self is calling for your attention!


Your investment to make your Sensual Vision real this new year is

Original Investment –  £77

Now Available for Half-Price –  £38.50

(for a limited time only!)


Who am I to tell you this?

Born and raised in the tropical islands of Andaman, India, Jonita left home at the age of 17 to find her identity. Little did she know that the awareness that she was seeking would bring her to London, UK where she found the freedom and expression of her womanhood. Soon she was caught in the rat race and competition of the Western world, burnt out with severe illnesses which made her realize that she had to lose her societal identity to discover her real essence. After several years of immersing herself in to the spiritual learnings of the divine feminine and discovering her real essence as a woman, she made the decision to pass on this wisdom to as many women around and invite them on a journey of exploring their femininity. In 2012, Jonita founded the company ‘Exploring Femininity’ running monthly women’s circles, workshops and private coaching.

Jonita D’souza is a Feminine Lifestylist, an Author and Creatress of Exploring Femininity Ltd., assisting modern day busy women who struggle with burn-out, overwhelm and body love to reconnect with their feminine and sensual energy so that they can create a lifestyle that is fulfilling, nurturing and pleasurable. Jonita is also a certified life coach, NLP practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist and combines the teachings of feminine mysticism and shamanism in her work, facilitating monthly moon circles, online workshops and sacred feminine retreats.

Jonita believes that it is the responsibility of the 21st century women to explore their femininity, so that they can create a sustainable life for themselves, for their loved ones and for generations to come. 

Jonita’s work has been featured in various self development websites –

Any questions, please email – jonita@exploringfemininity.com