Times are changing.. women are desiring for more – a sense of fulfillment and not only achievement.

If you are a woman, who is committed to not living a mediocre life, allow me to take you to a journey where – 

you are authentically expressing yourself .. you are no longer afraid to say ‘NO’ ..
you are no longer stressing for not having enough time .. you are not afraid to shine your light ..
you fall in love with yourself .. you are experienceing love and sensuality in your life ..
your relationships and business are blossoming .. you feel more energetic  and less tired ..
you are able to respond to situations with a deeper sense of understanding
you are able to connect with your inner wisdom .. you are able to magnetize your presence effortlessly ..
you gain clarity about your desires, your vision and purpose in life ..
you feel beautiful not only from outside, but from inside too ..
you set an example to other people involved in your life .. you become a source of love, pleasure and abundance ..

Above all, a journey where you say ‘YES’ to yourself and take full responsibility of yourself and your desires  …

Because you know what sister .. self-responsibility is a turn on ..

This is what it means to be a Modern Day Feminine Woman!


Why should you explore your femininity?

Being disconnected from your femininity can look like this – 

Indecision and procrastination

Uncertainty about what to do next

Lack of excitement and enthusiasm 

Low self-esteem and confidence

Fear of judgment and addiction to perfection

Exhaustion and stress

Not enough time in the day

Overworked, overwhelmed & burnt-out

Body shame, guilt and skin illnesses

Low sexual desire and inability to experience pleasure

  Let me tell you 4 main reasons you should consider
exploring femininity with me

1. My heart is truly devoted to continuously be of service to the feminine consciousness. Unlike, many coaches around, I walk my talk & live a devotional, fun and adventurous life. I now know no other way of being & living my life.

2. I have been in a place of shame, guilt, struggle & lack. I now know that without the support of conscious women who have walked similar path before me, I would have still been living a non-existent life.

3. I have spent years of time, energy & money in learning from world’s leading business & spiritual mentors like – Neale Donald Walsch, Esther Hicks, Tony Robbins, Marianne Williamson, Christine Arylo, Mama Gena, Elaine Kalila Doughty, Tara Marino, Christina Morassi, Rose Cole, Sofia Sundari, just to name a few.

4. My offering is a nourishing approach of a sister-guide & a cheer leader where we can both shed our barriers to journey together in those darkest places in your pschye that are sabotaging you from shining your light in this world. 

Select one of the offerings below to begin our journey together.

If you are unsure where to begin, let’s have a sister-chat .

It’s time for you to start experience the gift of your feminine wisdom so that you can finally begin to create your beautiful life. 

Let’s talk.. sometimes just hearing yourself aloud in a conversation with another gives you the intuitive insights that you might be just waiting to hear!