• Exploring Femininity

Are you a busy woman tired of juggling between personal, work and social life; wondering how can you stop the madness and give yourself a break to hear your own thoughts

Guess most of us are!

Sometimes we just need a non-judgemental, safe, supportive and sacred space to have an emotional release and discern how to bring our life back in to alignment.

Is this YOU?

Feminine Power Hour is just for you.

Exploring Femininity

The Feminine Power Hour is ideal for a woman who is constantly busy and seeking for instantaneous support to make certain lifestyle changes so that she can stop the self-sabotage, come off the burn-out cycle and create a pleasure-filled life.

My intention for the Feminine Power Hour is to support you in accessing your innate feminine wisdom in becoming the woman you are meant to be. 

The Feminine Power Hour is more intimate than just an ordinary private coaching call.

I will create a ritualistic space for you so that you can feel relaxed and become aligned with your feminine wisdom.

I will assist you in shaking off the negative energy and grounding.

I will guide you to seek your body’s wisdom in making the decisions that will bring you closer to creating a fulfilling and pleasurable lifestyle.  

Most often you need to voice out your intuitive wisdom to receive guidance about the next step in your life and I can be an escort to your deep longing.

By the end of this 60mins Feminine Power Hour session, you will –

  • Have the clarity on your current deep desires

  • Recognize the sabotaging pattern that is holding you back from blooming

  • Initiate in your sensuality and receive solutions to your everyday struggle

  • Create a step by step embodiment plan for you to move forward in your life

  • Ritualistically renew your commitment towards creating your beautiful life

You will also receive – 

  • A Goddess Invocation Practice to assist you in embodying your feminine wisdom

  • My report on your Feminine Embodiment Plan (so you can relax and not worry about making notes during our time together)

  • One month accountability support to help you integrate your learnings (via email or voice notes)

All the daily hustle stress that you go through is so worth this investment AND you get to have my virtual support in your life for a month.

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Let’s make your desires happen!