If you’re reading this right now, it means your soul is calling you forth.

You know exactly that your time is now to rise & claim your sovereignty.

Feminine Empress Rising programme is a 3 month private sacred immersion for a woman who has already been exploring her feminine and sensual self for some time now and knows that it’s finally time to stop playing small.

  • You know you have been playing it safe and you are ready to confidently embody your feminine power, so you can be fully visible in every area of your life

  • You wish to have an empowered relationship with your deep desires, relating to them as the source of your co-creative power, so you can impact your life and the life of others.

  • You are done feeling like a hot mess emotionally and you are ready to take charge of your emotions in a masterful way

  • You are ready to fully embrace and embody the cyclic nature of a woman in your daily life

  • You are willing to dive deep in to radical self-love and feminine embodiment practices through everyday rituals

  • You are ready to be the highest expression of love and experience feminine leadership in your personal as well as your work life

  • You have been looking to align with your highest calling and become the living example of the empowered woman at this crucial time in human history

  • You desire to create a legacy for a nurturing and sustainable world with compassion and fierce grace

  • And to have tons of FUN in the process!

A Feminine Empress is a woman who loves, honours, respects and values herself and all of life around her.

She incorporates the archetypes of the Lover, Mother & Warrior. 

She is Gracious, Fierce, Fair, Capable and Wise.

Feminine Empress Rising programme will require your Vulnerability, Surrender and a willingness to Show Up fully!

I will be doing powerful energy work with you throughout our time together. Sessions will be an embodied, energetic, deep meditative experience.

Together we will look at what stories are holding you back, perform rituals to heal your trauma and fears, create new shifts in your feminine consciousness so that you can claim your empress archetype.

Feminine Empress Rising programme will include – 

  • An hour consultation call to customize this programme to meet you exactly where you are in this point in life

  • 10 Feminine Empress Embodiment Sessions (an hour each) spread over the 3 months at your convenience

  • 10 Goddess Invocations to assist you in embodying your Feminine Empress

  • 3 Months of Unlimited email support to help you integrate your learnings to your day to day life

  • A Surprise Feminine Empress Sacred Kit delivered straight to your door

  • Access to all of my Self-Study courses listed here.

  Feminine Empress Rising will take you in a journey to – 

              Envision Your Empress Lifestyle (deep desires)

              Masculine Reset (heal & transform)

              Pain Elements (transmute your triggers)

              Receive Feminine Style

              Embody Ecstatic Pleasure

              Sacred Cyclic Feminine Rituals

              Sensual Lover

This life changing sacred immersion is available at an only $1997 ! (Payment options available)

Allow we to be your sister, guide and cheerleader in initiating you in your Feminine Empress!

Let’s have a Fem Clarity Call to discuss your requirements!  (All sessions are via Skype only)

Your Feminine Empress is ready to RISE. Are  you ready to unleash her?