Season Two

Day 1 – World Femininity Day: Opening Ceremony

24th June 2018

Zoe Charles

Founder of World Femininity Day

Remember Your Magic

Zoe Charles shares with us –

Why birthing ‘World Femininity Day’ became inevitable

Why sacredness does not have to be complicated

Gentle art of blessing yourself

Initiation – Remember your magic

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Day 2 – Sacred Sexuality

25th June 2018

Shelly Bullard

MFT, Licenced Marriage & Family Therapist, Love Guru, Spiritual Teacher

How to Embody Your Irresistible, Feminine Energy (to create a reality beyond your wildest dreams)

Shelly Bullard shares with us –

Underneath all is the true desire of union with your essence

How to cultivate your long lasting irresistibility

Why saying ‘No’ is the hottest energy

Seeking vs Embodying in relationships

Initiation Homework – Embody the various qualities of the irresistible feminine

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Sierra J Sullivan

Empowerment Mentor, Ritualist, Officiant & Sacred Journey Guide

A Woman’s Guide to Understanding the Magic and Mystery of Her Sacred Portal of Life

Sierra J Sullivan shares with us – 

The information in the design of your pussy

Pussy shaming – overly sexualized and overly shamed

Reverence for our pussy – We are not looking

Pussy Wet Work – following your pleasures in life

Initiation Homework – Pussy in Nature

Free Gift: Secrets of the Yoniverse- A Woman’s Guide to Understanding the Mysteries of her Sacred Portal

Day 3 – Sacred Womanhood

26th June 2018

DeAnna La’am

Womb Visionary, Author, Motivational Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Trailblazer

Womanhood as a Spiritual Journey

DeAnna La’am shares with us –

Our stories of shame, embarrassment, fear, lack of knowledge is mirrored all over the world

The genuine cause of PMS and what is a MUST to change that

Super-powers of menopause, our cyclic nature, our first blood

How honouring your periods can up level your spiritual growth and intuition

Initiation – The story of your first blood: first step to healing

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Elayne Kalila Doughty

MA, MFT, Psychotherapist, Ordained Priestess, Spiritual Activist

What Does it Mean to be a Modern-Day Priestess? Answering the Call

Elayne Kalila Doughty shares with us – 

The Sacred Technology that is available to all women & not yet fully utilized

The archetypal energy of priestess that exists in all of us

Dismantling the patriarchal abuse that are centuries old – ‘Who are you NOT!’

What does ‘holding space’ really mean?

Initiation Homework – Your remembrance of the energy of ‘PRIESTESS’

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Charu Sila

International Transformational Energy Healer

Reparenting Yourself – The True Art of Motherhood

Charu Sila shares with us – 

Owning our divinity is key to claim our femininity

Even with the best parenting we forget the LOVE we are

Innocent child inside us holds key to our essence

Communicating with your hurt inner child

Initiation – Reparenting Your Inner Child Guided Meditation

Free Gift: Reparenting Your Inner Child

Day 4 – Sacred Expression

27th June 2018

Anaiya Sophia

 Sacred Feminine Mystic, Author, Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Fierce, Fierce Feminine: Discerning and Surviving Predators

Anaiya Sophia shares with us –

Why discernment is easy for your feminine using inner eyes and inner ears

Predator energy that exists even in the realm of spirituality

Standing our ground is a calling of the fierce feminine

Era of teachers is over, time for the circle to rise! Choose wisely!

Initiation Homework – What are you called to walk away from in your life? Create your network of grace: who are you going on this fierce journey with?

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Cate Mackenzie

Psychosexual Therapist, Love Coach, Couples Counsellor

How to be a Queen of Communication and Receive what you want in life


Cate Mackenzie shares with us – 

Softening your body for effective communication

How to prepare yourself for real conversations

Creating the right conditions for effective communication

Playgasms and joygasms for whole body opening

Initiation – Self-hypnotize yourself everyday

Free Gift: Sacred Union: Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine meditation

Elena Angel

Gifted intuitive, Tantra & Shamanic Dreamwork Teacher, Speaker, Healer, Mentor

Express Your Self in Life and Love

Elena Angel shares with us – 

Why Self-expression is imperative for your true existence

The feminine receptive nature of the throat chakra

What has disconnected you from your throat chakra

Listening voice and the bridge to higher intelligence for women

Initiation – Activate your throat chakra to voice your message

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Day 5 – Sacred Receiving

28th June 2018 

Lucy H Pearce

 Award winning Author, Publisher, Trailblazer, Visual Artist

Discover the Juicy Intelligence of the Feminine Darkness

Lucy H Pearce shares with us –

Why you too are a ‘Burning Woman’!

Stop waiting and step into your creatress power to create what you need

Feminine darkness is creative chaos crucial for your vitality

The reason women are running away from their feminine darkness

Initiation – Embrace your creative dark feminine

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Cathy Ballard

Spiritual Teacher, Transformational Coach, Healer

Expand your capacity to receive consistent, flowing abundance


Cathy Ballard shares with us – 

The feminine super power of receiving

How we lost our intrinsic feminine quality of receiving

The choice we have in order to access magic and synchronicity

A practice to practice receiving without any judgment

Initiation – Step in to your Receiving Power

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Jo Valentina Sinclair

Feminine Abundance & Business Coach, NLP Practitioner

Empowering your Business with Feminine Intuition

Jo Valentina Sinclair shares with us – 

The false stories that we are telling ourselves every day

Bringing your own story in your personal brand

The importance of finding a coach that understands your true nature

How to harness your feminine intuition every day

Initiation Homework – Pivot your Feminine Energy

Free Gift: How to Package Up Your Brilliance so you can do what you love and make money

Day 6 – Sacred Healing

29th June 2018 

Rose Cole

 Visionary Leader, Author, Speaker, Mentor, Spiritual Guide

Quantum Upleveling to shed all shame, guilt and regret for good

Rose Cole shares with us –

How does quantum leap happen & is possible?

The harm guilt, shame and regret do to our body

The difference between shame, guilt and regret

Practical tip to release guilt, shame and regret

Initiation – Quick powerful ritual to free yourself from any suffering

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Mia Saenz

Love Alchemist, Metaphysical Practitioner

 Love Changes the Energy of Your Story


Mia Saenz shares with us – 

What is the energy of your story – victim, survivor or thriver?

The little girl in you holds the key to your story

How important it is to bring safety to your inner child

The secret to waking up happy and the 5% rule

Homework Initiation – Daily Mirror Work ‘I am magnificent. I am deeply loved. I am not alone.’

Free Gift: Mirror, Mirror: A Step-By- Step Guide to Creating a Life that Loves You Back.

Krystal Alexander-Hille

Divine Feminine Channel, Author, Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Mentor

How to integrate the wounded masculine/feminine essence into your highest self

Krystal Alexander-Hille shares with us – 

What is the wounded masculine and wounded feminine

How breathing can shift our wounding to grounding

Past lives do affect our current life behaviour

How it is all by design even the toughest moments and how to face it.

Homework Initiation – Vision walk to get signs from the Universe

Free Gift: ‘5 Secrets to bring more Feminine Flow into your Life’

Day 7 – Sacred Masculine

30th June 2018

Freddy Zental Weaver

 International Tantra Teacher

How a woman can inspire a man to embody his divine masculine?

Freddy Zental Weaver shares with us –

Integration of masculine feminine dynamics

Constructive negotiations in relationships

Transformational work should reflect in your relationship too

Systemic intelligence of our sexual energy to receive more

What does divine masculine has to say to divine feminine and vice-versa

Initiation – Parasympathetic breathing

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Rono King Smith

Divine Masculine Channel

What Conscious Men Want: How to co-create a lasting relationship, filled with deep intimacy, soulful sex & caring communication


Rono King Smith shares with us – 

What penetrative strong masculine is

How bedroom and business is intertwined

Work that women need to do to attract a conscious man

Being selfless and creating a solid system – sacred space

Understanding male and female language of communication

The importance of intention experience in all areas of life including sex

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Season One

Day 1 – World Femininity Day: Opening Ceremony

24th June 2017 

Zoe Charles

Founder of World Femininity Day

Come Home To Yourself

Zoe Charles shares with us –

The birth of World Femininity Day  (Alice in Wonderland had its part)

Embracing & acknowledging life’s various stages and everyday messiness

Pressure to be perfect, fake sisterhood, vulnerability

Poem: Woman .. Shape-Shifter.. I see you..

‘Coming Home’ Initiation Ceremony

Sora Surya No

Sacred Space Holder, International Retreat Leader, Inspirational Speaker, Fire Igniter

Honoring the Feminine Through Rituals, Rites of Passages and Ceremonies

Sora Surya No shares with us – 

Why sister circles are grounding space for women to rise

How we can come into remembrance of our true nature through rituals and ceremonies

In what ways ‘rites of passages’ are important for us women

Each woman is radically responsible for her healing

 ‘Right of Passage’ to Rise Initiation Ceremony

Day 2 – Sacred Leadership

25th June 2017 

Kara Maria Ananda

Healing Arts Educator, Holistic Business Coach, Speaker, Writer

Empowering Sacred Feminine Leadership Today

Kara Maria Ananda shares with us –

Why ‘time is now’ to not to put off our dreams

The incredible wisdom that we women have within us

Sacred Feminine Leadership – comfort zones, your voice, setting boundaries

Taking responsibility of honouring yourself as a woman

How to embody your sacred leadership in your daily life

Elena Angel

Intuitive Teacher, Soul-Mate Expert, Speaker and Mentor

Shamanic Dreaming for the Modern Woman: The Grandmothers’ Vision

Elena Angel shares with us – 

Grandmothers Counsel the World: Women Elders Offer Their Vision for Our Planet

Importance of Natural cycles & natural connections

Why shamanism is important at these crucial times

How we can use ‘dream work’ as a gateway to consciousness

‘Dream Work ‘Initiation Process

Teresa Salhi

Success Coach for Women, Law of Attraction Expert and Author

Feminine Leadership is not just about Corporate – It’s Personal

Teresa Salhi shares with us – 

Why women are suffering in the current model of leadership

Our ‘Slave-Girl’ rchetype is shouting out to let go of blocked emotions

In what ways we can cultivate inner leadership every day

How we can find our sacred purpose

 ‘Sweet Spot‘ Initiation Process

Day 3 – Sacred Sexuality

26th June 2017 

Ellen Eatough

The Soulful Sex Coach

Sexual Healing and Tapping Into Your Body’s Wisdom

Ellen Eatough shares with us –

How staying in touch with our body’s wisdom drives our true essence

How suppresses emotions lead to illnesses

25 symptoms of potential sexual wounding that is sabotaging your authenticity

Variety of new feminine modalities of healing

‘Access Your Body’s Wisdom’ Initiation

Sofia Sundari

International Tantra Teacher

Sacred Sexual Alchemy & Path of the Priestess

Sofia Sundari shares with us – 

Why is it important for all of us to experience sexual healing

Breaking the myths about Tantra

What is the Priestess Archetype?

How can you begin the Path of the Priestess?

‘Connecting with your Inner Priestess’ Initiation

Day 4 – Sacred Relationship

27th June 2017 

Sama Morningstar

Queen of Feminine Embodiment and Womb Healing Specialist

The Dragon of Desire: 3 Essential Practices to Attracting & Sustaining the Intimately Satisfying Love Relationship

Sama Morningstar shares with us –

Embracing all feelings around desire including anger, jealous, fear & guilt

Womb’s wisdom to transmute uncomfortable feelings into desires

Transforming our blame-game in to self-responsibility

Mysterious quality of the womb to call in your desire

Surrender and trust are not signs of weakness

Rachel Gedney

The Wisdom Mentor

Calling in Your Life Partner

Rachel Gedney shares with us – 

Stepping in to your authenticity frees your emotional suppression

Importance of seeking help outside of yourself

We all need someone not for validation but for accountability

Why it is important to have your own interests, hobbies & passion

How you can radiate energy of attraction

Day 5 – Sacred Self

28th June 2017 

Cathy Ballard

Intuitive Transformation Coach, Speaker and Consciousness Teacher

The Art of Flow

Cathy Ballard shares with us –

How to trust & surrender in the ebbs & flow of life

Our infinite intelligence is coded in to us

How to find your feminine flow

Why it is easier for women to tune in to feelings

‘Art of Flow’ Initiation Process

Gloria Lynn

Artist, Animist and Digital Alchemist

Sacred Self, Sacred Earth – Exploring Ways of Nurturing

Gloria Lynn shares with us – 

Creativity is not just arts but life itself

Nature as a feminine force of nurturing & healing

Why as women it is important to be connected to Mother Nature

Sacred Earth & Sacred Self connection is important for the current environmental issues

Tree Meditation for Busy Women

Lena Dolter

Love and Dating Coach

How to Channel the Energy of A Goddess and Being Feminine

Lena Dolter shares with us – 

Abundance and Beauty is always around us

Goddess Lakshmi is more than about money

How to channel goddess energy in your daily life

‘Goddess Lakshmi Activation’ Process

Lori Andrus

Artist, Shaman and Modern-Day Priestess

Crystals for Divine Feminine Empowerment

Lori Andrus shares with us – 

How you can embody your feminine using crystals

You don’t need to be an expert to start using crystals

Get deeply rooted with yourself

Our heart’s gateway to create deep love for our self & others

Crystal clear vision is not about seeing the future but the present

Day 6 – Sacred Self

29th June 2017 

Charu Sila

Internationally Renowned Transformational Energy Healer

You Are Here To Shine!

Charu Sila shares with us –

Why women are more than ready right now to rise

Suppression & Suffering

You are here to shine – allow yourself

How we can continue to fill ourselves up on a daily basis

‘Shine Your Light’ Initiation Process

Reba Linker

Life Coach, Bestselling Author and Host of the YouTube show ‘Paint Yourself Into the Picture’

Paint Yourself Into the Picture – Cinderella Did and You Can Too!

Reba Linker shares with us – 

There is only ‘present’ moment

What Cinderella has to do with creating our best life

Fairy tales do not have to be disempowering

Power of words that we use every day

‘Universal Sphere – Energy Transmission’ Initiation

Jess Nalu

Yoga Instructor, Empowerment Coach for Women, Mama & “Believer” in the power of unconditional LOVE!!!

Empowered Motherhood

Jess Nalu shares with us – 

What is Empowered Motherhood all about

Why is it important create time for your self-care

What are some ways to create time for yourself

Start getting curious and question everything

Quick everyday stretch exercise for rejuvenation

Bonnie Harmon

NLP Master Practitioner, EFT Master Practitioner, Master Life Coach, Emotional and Social Intelligence Coach, Social Entrepreneurship Trainer, and Modern Stress Management Trainer.

Unblock Your Limiting Beliefs to Become the Most Powerful You

Bonnie Harmon shares with us – 

What is Emotional Freedom Technique

What are ‘limiting beliefs’ and the feelings associated with them

8 Limiting Beliefs that Sabotages us from stepping in to our true essence

Release the limiting belief – ‘Not Having Fun’ EFT Healing Session

Day 7 – Sacred Masculine

30th June 2017 

Aaron Kleinerman

Transformational Coach

The Essence of Presence

Aaron Kleinerman shares with us –

Masculine gift of presence

How can we cultivate presence amongst chaos

Why it is important to express our emotions

How to begin to see the beauty within ourselves

Create a master piece out of your life

Shiva Rajaya

Tantrika and Life Coach

How To Deeply Bond With Men

Shiva Rajaya shares with us – 

Your life is just not about yourself!

You have the power to design your desired relationship

How to see the divinity in the other person

How to create trust within our energetic fields

Anchor your shakti power (even when your partner is not interest)