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  What is Empower Your Feminine Essence Home-study Programme all about?  

It’s a 7 weeks online programme that will take every women on an exploration of 7 core elements that is required to live life feeling empowered in their feminine essence. The 7 core elements are on the image below.

This programme enlightens the psychology, the tools and reflective exercises to grow and evolve and face life’s obstacles with confidence and ease.

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How often do we wish that we knew how to get out of the busy mind-set and slow down? Many of us women have forgotten to pause and experience present moment. Yes, we have all become human ‘doings’ not human ‘beings’ to this extent that we have lost connection with our feminine energy – the very energy that is a unique gift to each of us women.

Empower Your Feminine Essence homestudy programme is a perfect fit for us busy women to stop feeling overwhelmed and start feeling fulfilled in our everyday life. Check it out here – {insert your affiliate link}

Ever wondered that you had the tools and awareness to tackle the busy lifestyle that you have and feel content? We do so much throughout the day and hardly feel fulfilled. It’s all about ticking the next thing on our to-do list and to be honest the to-do list seems to be never ending.

Empower Your Feminine Essence homestudy programme can change that for you. It takes you to a deep exploration of your ‘doing’ habits so that you can start to ‘be’ – become that woman you are longing to be. And the best part it is spread over 7 weeks with bite size tutorials to easily fit in your busy routine. Check it out here –  {insert your affiliate link}

Overworked, overwhelmed and over burnt! Is this is a common norm in the life of us modern women? No it does not have to be this way! Our feminine energy is calling for our attention. It is time that we revisit our priorities in life and connect with what we really want .. otherwise we will just become a part of the rat race to competition and survival mode!

Our life is meant to be lived beautifully! Empower Your Feminine Essence homestudy programme dives in to the 7 core elements that we require to step in to our empowerment.. in our feminine essence. This homestudy programme comes with actionable steps and tools that will give us the support to live beautifully in this busy crazy world.. Check it out here – {insert your affiliate link}

Women just like you and me are feeling a shift within them. There is a longing .. there is an anxiousness.. there is a feeling to express more.. there is a feeling to be heard and loved unconditionally.. there are deep desires…

All of this is possible for you only when you chose to rekindle your relationship with your feminine essence in your everyday life.. yes, not just once but by making a part of your daily routine.

Empower Your Feminine Essence homestudy programme gives you that! It is designed to provide you the tools and awareness to connect with your feminine essence on a daily basis and begin to feel empowered as you continue to make choices and decisions in your life to get you closer to your deep desires.. Check it out here – {insert your affiliate link}

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Dear {Insert Name},

I’m really excited to tell you about a brand new program from my {friend/mentor/colleague} Jonita D’souza.

Jonita is a Feminine Lifestyle Expert and have coached hundreds of women to reconnect with their femininity and sensuality so that they can experience more energy, fulfilment and pleasure in their personal and business lives.

She’s just created a brand new self-study program to help you rekindle with your femininity and feel empowered in your feminine essence.

This instant access program guides you through her proven step-by-step self-exploration process of moving from burnt out and unfulfilled to fully alive and connected to your feminine essence. It is a 7 weeks self-study programme allowing you enough time to dive deep in to your feelings and emotions and start living an empowered lifestyle – which is the birth right of each one of us women!

It’s jam-packed with content – including PDFs, audios and videos that are so powerful and so enlightening.

You can check out this program here {insert your affiliate link} and get ready to step out of the ‘doing’ mode and step in to the ‘being’ mode.

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