Be guided by 20 visionaries from around the world.


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Welcome to this free 7 days online gathering for you to rise above your fears, your pain, your self-sabotaging beliefs and tune in to your true authentic self.

This 7 days initiation will provide you the tools to fully understand your journey as a woman and how you can begin to nourish your life with beauty, elegance, grace, pleasure, compassion and prosperity.

Meet Your Guides

Zoe Charles

Opening Ceremony: Come Home To Yourself

Sora Surya No

Honoring the Feminine Through Rituals, Rites of Passages and Ceremonies

Cathy Ballard

The Art of Living in Your Life in Flow Everyday

Sofia Sundari

Sacred Sexual Alchemy and Path of the Priestess

Ellen Eatough

Sexual Healing and Tapping into Your Body’s Wisdom

Rachel Gedney

Calling in Your Life Partner

Gloria Lynn

Sacred Self, Sacred Earth – Exploring Ways of Nurturing All Relationships in Your Life

Kara Maria Amanda

Empowering Sacred Feminine Leadership Today

Elena Angel

Shamanic Dreaming for the Modern Woman: The Grandmothers’ Vision

Teresa Salhi

Feminine Leadership is Not Just About Corporate: It’s Personal

Lena Dolter

How to Channel the Energy of a Goddess and Being Feminine

Lori Andrus

How to Use Crystals for Divine Feminine Empowerment

Sama Morningstar

The Dragon of Desire: 3 Essential Practices to Attracting and Sustaining the Intimately Satisfying Love Relationship

Reba Linker

Paint Yourself Into the Picture – Cinderella Did and You Can Too!

Bonnie Harmon

Unblock Your Limiting Beliefs to Become the Most Powerful You

Jess Nalu

Empowered Motherhood – Simple Practices for Busy Mums

Charu Sila

You Are Here to Shine.. Here’s How!

Aaron Kleinerman

The Essence of Presence

Shiva Rajaya

How to Deeply Bond with Your Man

Meet Your Host

Jonita D’souza

Your Feminine Lifestylist
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Your guide, sister & cheer-leader in showing you how to use the mysticism of the divine feminine to reconnect with your unfulfilled desires, rekindle your lost body love & renew your relationships.

This is what some of the sisters said about their experience from the sacred initiation videos.

Thank you so much for putting this together Jonita Dsouza. It was so amazing to be able to listen to such inspired words day after day! And I have a new list of books to read that I’ve already started on!

Amanda WellmanUS

After watching all the interviews I have to say that each reflective meditation is so healing, each woman and man that have shared their experiences invoked a reassuring feeling of peace and love within me. I am sending my sincere warm thank you out there in all directions!

Reena SIndia

I love this series. I’m learning and experiencing so much. I’ve even been inspired to try a blog on femininity, goddesses and life. Thank you for all of this. 

Jeannie PeaveyUK

It’s time to experience the juiciness of your life sister! Join us.

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