What does it mean to be a FEMININE EMPRESS ?

Until 8 years ago, I was what I like to call ‘a walking dead’. In fact, if we look around most of humanity is ‘walking dead’. By ‘walking dead’ I mean the classic trap where our job becomes more important than living, where a relationship overshadows our own needs, where expectations rule our emotions and where one can’t pace life to their own style.

I was getting super drained in my job, my love relationship was not interesting anymore and friends became boring. I was tired of it of ‘ALL’! I found that especially in the west, women were under constant pressure to look good to seek attention. I fell for that too which left me total drained. I knew something was wrong but I couldn’t figure out what! I soon found myself in the company of fake friends, binging, drugs, had a toxic love relationship which killed my self-esteem. The sudden loss of my dear dad added to it! I began to fall sick. I did plenty of blood tests but doctors found no answers! I found my body covered with eczema. I no longer felt beautiful. I wanted to run away! But where to?

It was through one of those dark nights of my soul I was plunged to find out the true meaning of being a woman in this modern-day world.

I went on a spiritual quest and spent several years learning from various teachers all things Divine Feminine and integrating those practices in my everyday life.

Working with the feminine spiritual practices I began to see how life was flowing around me. It became clearer to me why people did what they did. I felt connected to the world in a deeper manner. When I discovered my feminine essence, I realised that my sacred purpose is to spread this work to the women around which is why I founded the company Exploring Femininity.

I realised one important point – our life is a constant journey of evolution and expansion and when we deny that we encounter dis-ease.

Yes, dis-ease (let it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) occurs when we stop receiving our soul, our true essence.

One of my favourite revelation from the ancient teachings were the various archetypes of the Divine Feminine. These existed since thousands of years but was brought in to light by the 20th Century Psychoanalyst Carl Jung. He described ‘archetypes’ as universal, mythic characters that reside within the collective unconscious of people. Each one of us have several archetypes that create our personality; however, one archetype tends to dominate the personality in general. It can be helpful to know which archetypes are at play in oneself and others, especially loved ones, friends and co-workers, in order to gain personal insight into our behaviours, motivations and emotions.

It was in one of the sacred shamanic ceremonies last year that I received a divine download of a special feminine archetype that I was called to initiate myself into.

I was told that this is the feminine archetype that the modern day busy women are called to embody in order to step in to their personal power, heal their feminine wounds & own their sacred pleasure.

Over the last year I have been evolving with this feminine archetype and my life has changed in mysterious ways – both in my personal and business life! And yes, there have been times of challenges too but I was easily led through all of it.

So, introducing to you the Feminine Empress TM   

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(Keep reading, I will explain more… )

Who is a Feminine Empress TM ?

Cambridge and Oxford dictionaries define an Empress as –

“A woman who is a sovereign ruler of great power and rank, especially one ruling an empire”
“The wife or widow of an emperor”

This definition dictates a dis-empowering feminine to certain extent. The way of the feminine is not to be controlling, dominating or conquering but to be expansive love, abundance, creation and harmonious expression.

Let’s be honest here, we have not had great examples of Empresses in the past that we would like to embody in one way or the other.

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A Feminine Empress TM is a living example of beauty, sensuality, creativity, deep nurturing and authentic self-expression. Her empire is her BEING.

What does it mean to be a Feminine Empress TM ?

For us women of the modern day busy world it means opening ourselves to a new way of being with our self and the world by retrieving new knowledge, experiences and understanding that already exists deep within our divine self.

It means to break up from the old or current norms for some new creation to appear.

It means to live with new ways of perceiving, being and living with more awareness, in fact as awareness!

It means to keep going inward towards our longing and encounter our shadows so that we can grow in our clarity, compassion and pleasure.

It means breaking open our hearts into realms of our divinity and beauty beyond imagination, opening ourselves to extra-ordinary experiences in our ordinary life.

It means that our identity no longer comes from our roles or status in a family or the world because we no longer feel the need to please anyone.

It means to fall in love with fear of the unknown by trusting in the unknown.

What is the difference between a Queen and a Feminine Empress TM ?

Now you may say, yes, such a feminine archetype already exists and she is called the ‘Queen’. But let me tell you some delicate differences between the Queen and the Feminine Empress TM archetype –

The Queen archetype often leads you to imagine an idealised version of a woman who is always right, whereas a Feminine Empress TM is very real and can easily laugh at herself without being self-deprecating.

A Queen often uses the support of other women for her own benefit and do not treat them as equal whereas a Feminine Empress TM serves to empower, mentor and initiate all women in her community.

A significant shadow of the Queen is that she may run around barking out orders, making impossible demands, and cutting off heads whereas a Feminine Empress TM always cares about others and makes her choices with seven generations in mind.

Why is it not for everyone?

I know this will put some women off as not everyone of us is ready to step in to our Feminine Empress TM. Some of us are here to create the chaos and be a catalyst for others to awaken.

As I said earlier, a lot of us are still ‘walking dead’ and that’s fine. There is divine timing for each one of us and when you are ready, you will know it is for you because it is deeply encoded in you regardless of what your mind thinks, judges or imagines.

Stepping in to the Feminine Empress TM archetype also often comes with new assignments in the world, i.e., you stepping way out of your comfort zones several times in order to serve humanity in its process of awakening.

Why is it important to embody the Feminine Empress TM ?

Feminine Empress TM  is a trilogy of the archetypes of the warrior, the mother & the lover.

In my sacred shamanic ceremony, I was clearly told that as women of the modern day busy world we are called to embody each one of these archetypes on a daily basis in order to be aware, awake and alive.

Let me explain briefly. On a daily basis –

The Warrior assists us to be assertive in our boundaries, take courageous decisions, protect our inner child and step in to sacred leadership, thereby, becoming AWARE.

The Mother assists us to creatively express ourselves, cultivate connection and compassion to self and life around us and heal our mother wounds, thereby, becoming AWAKE.

The Lover assists us experience sensuality, sacred pleasure and sexuality and enhance our relationship to our body and our loved ones, thereby, becoming ALIVE.

Each one of us have these archetypes within ourselves and they are interconnected within us helping us to live life fully, should we choose to.

Unfortunately, many of us women are operating our lives with the shadow sides of these archetypes where we find difficulty saying ‘NO’, finding our purpose, no self-care routine, over-giving, traumatised sexual experience and body shame, just to name a few.

In addition, many times we only acknowledge just one of the 3 archetypes leading to depression. For example, I realised my dominant archetype was the Lover. Several times in the past I had ended up over-giving and losing myself in my romantic relationships thinking that my partner would fill the void of fulfilment in my life. I totally ignored the power of my Warrior and my Mother within which could have assisted me in speaking my truth courageously and learning self-compassion.

Moving forward ..

When I stepped into my Feminine Empress TM, my life- assignment became very clear – to initiate other women into their Feminine Empress TM.

If this is something that you are called to discover for yourself, join me in my upcoming Facebook Live where I will go deeper in to the trilogy of the Feminine Empress TM so that you can identify how these 3 archetypes are playing out in your life.

I will walk you through the light side and the dark side of these archetypes so that you will know how you can fully step in to your Feminine Empress TM.

Click on the button below and I will send you the details –

For sisters in London, I have created a Retreat Day where you can experience your Feminine Empress TM. It is happening on a powerful potent New Moon day. New Moons are perfect times to start anew, plant the seeds of your true deep desires. What a great way to ‘Turn-ON Your Feminine Empress’!!

Now I would like to hear from you –

Is your Feminine Empress TM calling you?

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