• Feminine Empress Activation Temple

This ‘World Femininity Day’ allow your Feminine to be held in a Sacred Container by World’s Leading Feminine Visionaries so you can Elevate your Self-Expression, Magnetize your Presence and Claim your Erotic Innocence.

Covid or not, we are witnessing a dismantling of the Patriarchy.

Now more than ever women are called to take courageous decisions and step into true personal leadership.

Now more than ever women are called to take-up more space and tend their innate wisdom for the highest good.

Now more than ever women are called to honor their bodies and reclaim their forgotten sensual vitality.

Sisters, it is time to unveil your Feminine Empress within!

This will not just be another online summit!

This will be a powerful training vortex where you will receive transmissions from the temple teachers,

followed by integration circles for you to have enough time to soak in the transmissions and then, 

hone down the practical steps that you can take to birth your Feminine Empress.

Be prepared to experience rituals, healings, ‘ahas’, magic, sisterhood.

Who is a Feminine Empress?

The Feminine Empress is a trilogy of the archetypes of the warrior, the mother & the lover.

Feminine Empress is a woman who is aware, alive and awake!

Feminine Empress is a living example of beauty, sensuality, creativity, deep nurturing and authentic self-expression

Her empire is Her BEING.

So, would you be interested to discover your Feminine Empress dear sister?

If so, you are in for a treat!

Meet Your Temple Teachers

Anaiya Sophia
Mystic, Soul Oracle, Story-Teller, Author of Revelatory Wisdom

Devi Ward
Founder of The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education, Certified Sexologist

Flora Ware
Dream Igniter, Sacred Business Coach, Ceremonial Priestess

Krystal Hille
Founder of KH Publishing, Tantra Teacher & Leadership Coach.

Malena Crawford
Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Transformational Coach

Neelam Nanwani
Shamanic Teacher, Co-Founder of Shamanic Vision

Sama Morningstar
Founder of Womb Centred Healing Temple

Sophia Leva-Marie
Soul InTurnist for Visionaries, Somatic Beauty Architect

Tenley Wallace
Founder of Temple Tribal Fusion®, Yogini, Temple Dancer

Zoe Charles
International Burlesque Star, Femininity Coach, Writer, Devisor

Meet the Temple Space-Holders

Venee McGee
Sound Healer, Founder of Ebb & Flow Collective

Belle Humble
Singer, Song-Writer, Creatrix of Sunlight Sound

Georgie Deyn
Singer, Song-Writer, Founder of Angelic Harmony Therapy

Caroline Sharp
Founder of Ascending Angels, Intuitive Energy Teacher

Meet Your Temple Guide

Jonita D’souza

Born in India, living in England, Jonita D’souza is a Feminine Lifestylist, an Author and the Creatress of Exploring Femininity Ltd.

Jonita brings forth a unique blend of Eastern & Western Feminine into the lives of  modern day busy women who struggle with burn-out, overwhelm and body love so that they can reconnect with their feminine and sensual energy using the ancient Taoist and Tantric arts, so that they can create a lifestyle that is fulfilling, nurturing and pleasurable.

Jonita is also a certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist and facilitates monthly moon circles, online workshops and in-person sacred feminine retreats.

Jonita believes that it is the responsibility of the 21st century women to explore their femininity, so that they can create a sustainable life for themselves, for their loved ones and for generations to come. 

Jonita’s work has been featured in several self-development platforms.

You can read more about her work here.


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See you inside the temple!

Any questions, please email – jonita@exploringfemininity.com