Create Your Sensual Lifestyle Design is a half day workshop to learn a whole new way of visioning our heart’s desires for new the year using our creative sensual energy. 

Together we will reflect on the previous year, discover the feminine principles of goal setting, practice tantric exercises to activate our sensual energy and create a Sensual Lifestyle Vision Board. 

20 January 2018, London

Turn-On Your Feminine Empress is a retreat day for women to come in together in sacred circle and experience the beauty, wisdom, creativity, transformative fire and compassion within themselves!

Throughout the day we will explore different tools like meditation, conscious touch, silence, ecstatic dance, prayer, creative writing etc. for feminine rejuvenation and empowerment. 

14 April 2018, London

Open To Receiving is a 4 days residential retreat happening this International Women’s Day 2018 for women to dive in to their juicy feminine wisdom & learn embodiment practices to receive anything they desire.

Let’s expand your capacity to receive more of your life, love, sex, power, and purpose to the next level. 

8-11 March 2018, Spain